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I appreciate your help in identifying what

I appreciate your help in identifying what the following dream means: I dreamt that was going around with a close friend (opposite sex) to search for a house in a foreign country (I recognised the place to be a typical Italian village). While searching, in one of the houses, we met a common friend (who in reality is pregnant) in a room equipped for a baby boy (all in light blue, baby bed and all) no baby was visible and she did not look pregnant. At one point of the dream, we found the house which she liked. In reality, the house I visualised was her current house in Malta. I can't remember why, my friend and I argued and she left, the dream ended with me searching for her everywhere without finding her. I know its complicated... but I appreciate guidance.

I am in sixth grade and one

I am in sixth grade and one day I found out my girlfriend was dating someone else I was crushed when I came home I did not tell my parents that night I watched how to train your dragon. My dream that night was strange I was sitting next to astrid ( a female character from the movie.) and neither one of us was saying anything all of a sudden she reached over and touched my leg. I pretended not to notice but I looked at her anyway she smiled at me I smiled back then she started saying that I was planning on cheating on her I was confused and said I would never do that to her she hugged me and the dream was over. I don't know if this dream was simply a recap of my day or just a random dream that means nothing either way I appreciate your time anyway. :)