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A friend that I think is cute

A friend that I think is cute and he had children in the dream and a wife and she found out about us I was some how always at there house with the guy and his children and she found out I was there and came after me with a butcher knife and tried to cut me but the guy I feel in love with in the dream wouldn't let her. And she said to the guy I like u see her and I'm leaving you. He told me to leave but whispered into my ear I love u and he called me the next night so I went over his house and me made out and made love and his wife came home and I tired to sneak out but she caught me leaving a chased me and I jumped fences and ran thought yards. And this guy I'm taking about is real and he's my guy friend I dunno if it's a sign of what but I wanna know what it means. My feeling in my dream was I was in love and excited and felt like a rush, and I didn't wanna wake up.

My girlfriend left out of town, my

My girlfriend left out of town, my ex girlfriend came over and we had a party. We were all up on each other n had sex also. She told me dat she loved me n wanted to be wit me forever dis time. I looked in her eyes n said I love u too, we were in the room while the party still going until my girlfriend comes in and open the door. My girl starts screamin, and crying. My ex said she want to be wit me not u anymore. They asked me to choose who I wanted to be wit n I didn't answer so my ex left out the door, got in the car n I told my girl dat I was sorry n ran to get my ex. My ex got out the car n said I knew u were gonna pick me let me go get my stuff from florida n I ll be back promise. She got in the car laughing n den everybody else were laughing something dawned on me dat she played me n she wasn't coming back. She always did dat, when I have someone so I ran in the house my girl was packin her stuff. I told her that I chose her n dat I was in love wit her. She look at me n said I love u too but I need time to think. She let her stuff go n dropped down crying n I told her it was over between me n my ex. I see that I was fooled once again because I looked at my food stamp card n it was a phone by it. My ex left her phone n her girl text sayin do wat u have to do to get us some money n food from her. My ex texted back n said yea ok I love you. Then I woke up hurt...

End of the worldi dream that I

End of the worldi dream that I was with my family in a house in front of the sea and that we were scared because we heard the world was gonna end there was another house in front and my brothers sister and cuzins were there it started raining hard and I told my mom we going to die is the end of the world and my mom said no the world is not going to end we are going to be fine when suddenly it got windy the rain was harder and cars started going everywhere in the air the house were coming apart we hold on to not let the air take us when all of a sudden it stop and we all said everything is over and we are fine but then it started again and we saw the water from the sea coming towards us in a big wave I told my mom bye I love you and I also told my brothers and sister I will miss u is the end, I love u alot and I hugged my baby tight kiss her and I look up and saw the wave getting to us I just stayed waiting for it holding my baby and thats when I woke up feeling scared