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585 M€.La réelle surprise est venue d’une

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Face-to-face is also ideal for a fact-finding

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I am in a park surrounded by

I am in a park surrounded by table filled with people eating meals, these people I do not know stare at me as I walk by. Then I walk away from the park ever so slowly I find I cannot walk very fast or run. The faster I try to increase my pace the slower I find myself moving. When I get myself out of this park I find family friends dining outside the park in a small table, however they do not invite me to sit, they only say hello. I find another person I know quickly short after and is asked to follow them to a location down the street on foot and I agree to do so. As stated earlier I am walking slowly forward I cant seem to keep up all to well though they never leave my site so I dont worry, until I hit this object a man Is handling. I cannot tell what this object is but he was about to load something onto it. The object looks kind of like a hand truck or dolly. So I knock it over and as if I could help him set it back up, before he answers I pick it up and kind figure out how to set it upright for it continues to fall over and over again. It is then I realize I am helping out a paramedic crew with this item and I am standing next to an ambulance. Eventually with help we get the object up behind the ambulance and I have lost my friend of who which asked me of some assistance. I feel like I know the place that he walked into however I have an image or an indicator for where it is but I cant find it where I feel it should be and walk up and down this strip. During I am getting bumped and pushed by people in the way because I cannot keep up with a normal pace I am still walking slowly, so I start grabbing on to thing to try and pull myself faster but that makes people stare at me and it really is not increasing my speed all that much. At this point I see this girl who I always imagine is my ex-girlfriend who I became to attached to highschool. This person always seems to have at least one trait of her, this time it was here face. Generally now I dont really think of her as my ex girlfriend, I usually accept it as a falsely idealized love affection. Anyway, she and I cross paths going in opposite direction and we meet eyes side by side. She looks extremely happy, maybe even happy to see me and might say something, but I just stare at her maybe even glare or leer just coldly with no emotion. In my dream I even saw my face but it seemed to focus on our eyes more than anything. After that she is gone and I feel a negative feeling Im not sure which one but I know it there. At that point when she is gone I realize that If I walk backwards I can actually move faster maybe even at a faster pace than a normal forward speed so I walk around backwards for a while(in most my dreams its this way I can only travel quickly and effortlessly while walking backwards...its just awkward). Somehow shortly there after I find another friend I feel though I have no idea who it is I just feel comfortable with said person and we are finding these bodies of dead people scattered around laying face first in the ground and we are trying to follow them. We think we see a murderer but he gets away he was to fast, to sly. Following I see a bear and it comes after us. As it gets closer I realize that it has a head of a wolf and can run on all fours or on twos. We run and my friend escapes I think I might have but I woke up at that point. Fin.

I got married to a man i

I got married to a man i really like but not my ideal type who is the player type in real life and i was happy as was he in my dream after our wedding in my dream we traveled to my uncles farm and were on this dirt road as we were coming up rolling hills and fields of the biggest Gala apples youve ever seen and they tasted so sweet and they layed all over the majestic colored fields but there were no trees in sight just apples and we were there to help my uncle pick them up off the land. But it was beatiful.