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I dreamed that a friend of mine

I dreamed that a friend of mine introduced me a person. I end up marrying with this person (but i never saw this person before). Then I see myself, my friend and the person with whom I marry, talking in the street. My son is in the midle of the street when I see a truck coming. I run to protect my son. The truck passes over us but nothing happens to us. And the person I married, starts running in our direction and ends up being hit. We go all to the hospital and he is taken to the operating room where he dies. I'm with my friend in the waiting room when the doctor announces his death. I cry a lot in dreams and wake up crying. And I keep crying for some time.

Was in a play romeo & juliet

Was in a play romeo & juliet playing mercutio forgot my lines had to play a lady in the family montique awoke startled by mercutio saying dreams are the child of an idle brain. Very real and thought provoking! Have not read this sruff in probably 20 years!