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My husband getting married to another woman

My husband getting married to another woman and he is ignoring me when i asked with him he said that its because for child i get married.My mother in law was so happy coz my husband get married.I saw that i was so upset but my husband and mother in law they both seems so happy.I am begging with him that dint leave me but no response. But in real life we (me and my husband) live together and my mother in live seperatly. she doesnot like me coz i cant conceive baby but my husband love and support me so much and she is very jealous now recently my husband is out of country for job purpose for 2 years so will you tell me what is the meaning of my dream m so worried and distrub.

I get kidnapped but nobody believes I'm

I get kidnapped but nobody believes I'm actually kidnapped and I have to keep going back to that persons house. Eventually I escape but I want to hang out with my bestfriend before an event we both go to but she is having a pool party with all of her church friends specifically the girl She thinks is her bestfriend and doesn't invite me and then when I see her at the event She is ignoring me and is hanging out with the girl she considers her bestfriend

The guy I'm in love with was

The guy I'm in love with was really sweet to me and another girl liked him but he payed her no attention, he kept ignoring her and focusing on me , he laughed hard when I laughed, he guided me when we walked with his arms holding my waist and than he gently pushed my front side up against the wall and we we just stood there for a minute and I had the strongest butterflies I've ever felt because this is the first time I'd felt intimate contact with a person I actually liked, despite it being a dream

I was all alone. My boyfriend told

I was all alone. My boyfriend told me he was going campinh. But instead I found out he was cheating on me and he kept ignoring my phone calls

I was smoking weed with my boyfriend,

I was smoking weed with my boyfriend, i felt really high so i wanted to go to bed. Later (I don't know how I got there) I was on some sort of bus with rooms and such and for some reason I thought it was mine. It all seemed a bit unfamiliar bit I just thought I was tripping. I was still feeling the effect of the weed and the people on the bus, my boyfriends friends, were acting really weird and ignoring me. It turns out the bus was one of my boyfriends friends. On the way to wherever we were going outside I could see Christmas decorations, I was laughing saying 'is it just me or can I see Christmas decorations outside? It's not even Christmas.' I was ignored and figured it was because I was tripping and making a fool of myself. Once again, I have no idea how I got there but I had arrived at somebodies house, but it was enormous, and i couldn't find my boyfriend or children. My children were never on the bus with me but I just kept crying that I just wanted to go home and find my children. I encountered weird things while searching for my boyfriend and kids. A midget who I wanted badly to hurt but who was protected by a giant was one. I tired to phone my boyfriend but a weird message kept coming up about the call/line being diverted. When I found my boyfriend he was laying in a bed with medical tubes and such in his arms. He had no eyes, or rather on closer inspection they were covered with flesh. So it kinda formed a pink fleshy eye. He couldn't talk to me much, but he told me that while I was stoned he had made me sign something as I was not able. He had no idea that this would happen though. I think he was being experimented on I made my way outside where I still knew was still apart of whoever was controlling this ordeal. There were Christmas things again and also Halloween decorations. I saw a vampire and thought that maybe this is what they were trying to do to my boyfriend. Experimenting to make human vampires. I then found my boy. He was all dirty and didn't seem overly stressed about it all. He was running about with other dirty children. At one point I thought he had lost an arm and was relieved when I realised he hadn't. He was a bit bruised though I think. I hugged him and cried and told him that I was sorry. This is when my daughter woke me up. When I awoke I was still feeling all the emotions from my dream and I cried. I dont think I've ever had such an intense dream, and it was so vivid.

I'm in my garage and I check

I'm in my garage and I check outside to the side of the house I see Priya and jivaan. and all of the sudden Priya shows up and my moms there so I shut the garage like door I think that's what's it's called. But she knows the code cause she has it and then jivan comes and I'm Hellah scared idk where my mom went but they were calm and made me sit down. All of sudden I hear cars coming and songs blasting. And they cover me to protect me. Out comes some guys that's like two years older and one sticks out. He was wearing all black. Had one of those Desi earrings. And the beard style that's going and that hair too. Apparently based on the vibe and the way dream was working I knew the guy as if he's a ex. Like I was stubborn and ignoring him and abit scared. So he pushes them as in jivan and Priya away and is like glad to see you again. And I of course acted stubborn. So he jus smirked. My parents were jus watch cause I guess they knew him. Anyways he's talking to my parents and it's now abit dark not too dark. So I leave the garage and then I come back to say you guys better not do something stupid. And I see they are already all gone. So I go back to walking away from this guy. Now it's Hellah dark. I walk out with anger and jus pissed off I was wearing my red Aeropostale hoodie. And jeans. So I'm walking and walking. Until I feel someone beside me. I look to the left and there he is. And he's just watching me. And I'm like what he'll do you want from me and I keep going on and on. And he just listens. He's lets go back now. I'm like with you Hellah no. And then he becomes more rude with his tone. Guys like we are going now. Then he drags me to the car but I get him to let go of me and I just run. And he caught me cause come on I can't run for shit. Then I think he had taken something and tied me to him it was like some hook. I was so pissed off. We're walking back to my house but we pass by and he lets me go cause I'm calm now. I just break down. And I'm like why are you even here. Then we are near this barn or something and I stand against the wall and he comes too close to my liking and kisses me.