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My nephew had a pet iguana, which

My nephew had a pet iguana, which he was cuddling. He also had a small pet snake, it was left on the sofa. I asked him to put the snake away, but it slithered into the back of the sofa.

Rowing on a boat with me being

Rowing on a boat with me being younger in life. Everyone I know is younger in life. I saw people from boarding school and my little brother. My brother myself and a third person (maybe my mother) get into this canoe over calm waters. We are hungry and haven't eaten or had water to drink. We can't catch fish, but there is an iguana or komodo dragon holding onto a stick that protrudes from the water. We row up to it, and I try to pry it off its perch, but it bites me with razor sharp teeth. I then grab a machete and chop it up. But we don't eat it because it tasted terrible, and so we leave it, folded like a shirt, and place it back into the clear water. We keep rowing and reach a beach and the landscape totally changes.

A snake bites me on the leg

A snake bites me on the leg and a snake bites me on the chest while iguanas also tried attacking me someone gave me anti venom for the bite on my chest