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Dream: My New love in my life

Dream: My New love in my life had the Dream.. He's 19, From Nigeria..and he's allowed himself to Love me like no one else I've ever known... Today he dreamed that he came to America, he got into a fight with my current spouse.. After the fight he saw me giving birth to 2 beautiful babies a boy name Mitchell & a girl name Michal, he said he then took me, the 2 new babies & my 2 daughters with him to Nigeria... While we were in Nigeria he saw me in a Red Gown.. He then saw My Pastor.. He said my Pastor called me & him on a Stage and said he wanted to reward us for being the Number one Givers Financially in ministry.. He gave us Rewards & he also said he had a Gift for us. Significant Life Events: Leaving a unhealthy relationship & embracing this new Love in my life. I have No Fears!! But I've been frustrated in this current marriage relationship Background: I'm 40. African American. I'm a Customer service Representative. I'm a Female Mental Illness Or Depression: No Location: I'm in America. I Indiana Feelings About People: With my current Spouse its awful.. I want to leave home immediately.. With the young man who had the dream I Love him very dearly.. My 2 Girls I Love them more than anything.. The 2 twin babies I don't know them... My Pastor is a very very special man to me Relationship Status: Married When And How Often: Thursday, May 12th. No not recurring dreamer47258 Dream Lover Posts: 1 Joined: May 12th, 2016, 11:50 am

My dream was concerning my fiance. In

My dream was concerning my fiance. In my dream she died from an illness that only she and her parents knew about. I don't know how I found out but when I did I sobbed on the bathroom floor. I remember saying "Oh my baby, my baby." She died from blood clots. Her mom sent me a text saying "We loved her dearly and son, she loved you with all of her heart" and 3 candid pictures of my fiance and me that I had never seen before. We were laughing at a park table in the summer. She had on a light blue top with sunglasses. On the bathroom floor I desperately wanted to ask her what heaven was like. She's no longer here for me to reach out to her. We talk about anything and everything together. Now all I have left are memories and 3 pictures. What does this mean?

Figures published yesterday by the Office for

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With drinking water for nomadic animal herds

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I got diagnosed with an illness and

I got diagnosed with an illness and dying, I didn't have long to live in the dream it was maybe 2 days, the first day I found out I was going to die I got bit by 3 brown snakes, one bite on my arm,one bite on my leg, and one bite on my torso, I was calm, I just wanted to be with my kids and the father of my children, I chose to die peacefully at home in bed