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I was in a university where a

I was in a university where a famous singer I follow is due to perform in real life.I saw him coming out of a door there,he told me the concert is cancelled,I said I had tried to get tickets to meet him and failed.but it was great to see him like this,he remembered our previous meetings in real life he had a young child who I spoke with too I followed him up a street and was still chatting with him until a plane appeared out of nowhere and we both had to hide to avoid it.

This guy. He took me to his

This guy. He took me to his house. I had no idea what was gonna happen. All i could feel is fear and all i can think about was escaping. Anyways. I ran from him in his house. I Locked my self in this room. He knocked the door down. This man. He was very large. Over weight. bald and wore glasses. He only had boxers on..he...he..made me..touch him..he was..gonna touch me..till these people walked in. They were yelling. I got up and ran..i was running for what seems like forever..i could hear him coming close to me..then i woke up.

is raining, there is a hill/mountain, is

is raining, there is a hill/mountain, is a field full of vegetables and fruits, farming. already growing. then i was on a bus, it was raining out side of the bus. the bus stopped and a friend got off but he got of first and went in through another door but we were heading to the same place, but he got off first, then the bus went through a double gated door, black metal door, once we went in the building complex i see my friend walk from the left side of and he joined me. i go into some what of a mall or building but once i go in it seem like it was another world. it all changed like if we were on a soccer field, there was a game. i was part of one of the teams, one of the teams , the other team, the opposite team, were short a player and one of there players was playing on a wheel chair. the game started and i was running power forward up and down the field. in one of those play, i ran forward towards the other side of the field while the ball is in the air and while is running a sword come from the sky while i am holding my left hand up high it land on my hand, and i keep running because the ball is still in the air and i need to catch the ball. but the guy in the wheel chair get off the chair and pushes me aggressively and i remember that as i got closer i slowed down because i did not want to hurt him, but he could get the ball and the ball landed on the ground then i said time out. and i was complaining about him coming at me to aggressive so then he says i cant have a sword so i said so he cant have a chair if when the ball is coming to him and he's going to get up and play like if he is not injured and is perfectly fine, enough to get up the chair and push me very aggressive like any other player would, so i say as long as he has a wheel chair ill have a sword. and then i woke up

Since I was 16 and now I'm

Since I was 16 and now I'm 20 and he's 19, I've been dreaming like every night of a very special Argentinian guy That I've been stalking for 4 years and I neither have the courage to talk to him nor to get him to know about me. Seriously! I'm so inlove with him that I can't stop thinking about him day and night...To be honest, I'm totally obsessed with him! Well, I always see him coming to me in my dreams, calling me, talking to me, kissing me, following me wherever I go, holding my hands and smiling to me, hanging out with me... I sometimes dream of his home, family, friends, and the places he goes...he often appears so afraid of losing me, hurting me, leaving me, missing me...and when I run he runs after me Like a fool would do and calling my name out loud to stay and never leave him promising me to love me back just like I love him..in every dream, we are like that ''perfect couple'' But in fact, this guy doesn't even know me, my name or my existence! so what does it mean ? I'm so confused that I really need some explanation and Thanks a lot!

snow on the ground, I was walking

snow on the ground, I was walking y to someone's house, went up some icy stairs but I didn't slip at all, because I had my cleats on, I heard someone coming in front of me, so I laid in the snow so I wouldn't be seen, some teenagers were walking along the path below me, when some of them started to run towards me, I was worried, but they ran past me and attacked the person who had been walking down the stairs in front of me, someone said something about a bunch of year eights attacking someone for heroin, there was a flash of lightning and the kids ran away. I continued up the stairs and walked past a man in a white jacket, when he started shouting, so I ran and the path was icy, but I could run on it, because of my cleats, but he couldn't, I kept running straight until I had to turn left and run uphill where there was a house, a modern house with one floor and most of the walls were glass, there was a garden all around the house, so I sat back against a small conifer and hid the white on my shoes and waited, by this point out had started to rain heavily, and the man coming for me wasn't the same man, now he was walking slowly and wearing black, I knew this man wanted to kill me, although I had not seen him yet, I was terrified by this point, I saw a shadow beginning to emerge from the direction I had come, but to my relief about four cats walked out of the alley, so I took my chance and ran to the house hoping that she would hide me away, so I knocked and she answered, I hurriedly began to explain why I was knocking, and she let me in without asking any questions, I took my shoes off and went inside, I went and stood near to the back door behind a thin curtain and I knew he was very near, so I decided to lay down to the side, so that I could see when he passed and be hidden, the woman was further inside the house, looking anxious, when I looked and saw the man walking past slowly, but he showed no sign of knowing I was there, so I breathed out a big sigh of relief and turned to the woman, we were both overjoyed that he hadn't discovered me, so I thanked her for letting me in her house and said I would leave, so I went outside and put my shoes on and decided to wait for a while to be safe, when I saw a shadow coming back, I panicked and knocked on the door and opened it enough to speak into, I asked her if I could come back inside for a moment when I saw a cat walk out of the alley, so she laughed at me and asked if I was afraid of cats, but by then I knew that he was coming back, so I let myself in to get house again, and apologised to her, but I knew that he knew I was in the house, I could feel it she started panicking and shouting "He wants to kill you and...rape me!" So I told her to lock all of the doors, so she got the key, but couldn't put it into the lock, it was at this point that we realised that he was telepathic, so I took the key and was able to lock the doors, all the time , I could feel him coming closer and closer, then the woman pulled down her skirt, because the man made her do it and so I told her that I had to leave, because it wasn't fair to endanger her, I turned to leave, knowing that I would be facing death, this is when I woke up


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