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I'm walking through a bright forest. The

I'm walking through a bright forest. The trees seem to shine in the summer light and the grass is soft against my feet. In my arms is my little cousin. she is in a green shirt with grey shorts on and surrounding me are the people I care about. My 'family' of sorts. My best friend and the person I love is standing on my right. She in in a baby blue dress that looks like the sky. Indigo mixes with the dress giving it a beautiful shade. My younger sister is on my left in a dark purple blouse lined with dark blue. She is wearing black jeans and her hair is flowing in the small breeze. She is laughing with my cousin. My cousin is in a white dress with a yellow ribbon around the waist and her hair is in a pony tail. In front of us, leading the way is my other cousin, and he is wearing a red dress shirt with blue jeans. He makes his way through a small arch created by two trees who's branches twist together and make a pathway. We each enter it and I take notice I am wearing. It's a simple white dress with orange on the straps and a orange ribbon around the waist. I am holding my baby cousin in one arm and in the other a blanket. My cousin puts down the basket he was holding and takes his sister from me as I set out the blanket. We begin to eat and talk, enjoying time together. Time passes quickly and soon we start swimming in a lake nearby. It took up about 1/3 of the meadow and glistened in the sun. I am sitting with my best friend on the blanket when I hear a shot. Looking around frantically I see my sister fall in the water and red pool around her. My cousin who was standing near her screams her head off and runs to my sister through the water only for another shot to sound and her fall. By this time me and my other two cousins are trying to get together but my baby cousin trips and is gunned down. Me my friend and cousin are all together and crying when we start to run. Just as another shot sounds my cousin ducks in front of my friend and takes the bullet for her. We mourn for him but soon start running. We are now lost in the woods and cannot get out and I feel a tugging on my arms to see my friend with a hole in her stomach. I weep as she fades away and start running. Darkness comes and soon a blood red moon rises in the sky. I once again feel pulling but as my arms, legs and dress. I look around to see the dead corpses of everybody pulling at me. Old cut scars now are bleeding and my blood mixes with theirs. I start screaming and crying before becoming weak and letting myself fall into their clutches and waking up after hearing the familiar shout of a gun-shot.

I saw my face. My hair was

I saw my face. My hair was long and straight and a chesnut brown. It fell behind my back. I had an ice blue eye and an eye that was part green and part blue. My fists were clenched in a mix of sadness and anger. There where streaks on my face from where earlier crying has messed up my mascara. I wore a black biker jacket. I wore indigo high rise jeans. I wore black double laced converse shoes. I ws in a dark dark room

Alien invasion of earth. I was outside

Alien invasion of earth. I was outside w Dave. Smoking.. Suddenly the sky got darker and I began seeing numerous flying objects coming in from twirling clouds. Weird ufo Objects varying from large to smaller. I kept telling Dave to look up but he took so long. Noticed the entire sky changed color to this indigo blackish color. The oceans became this greenish color. Went inside. There was an innocent beautiful girl who was staying in one of the rooms. I felt I was supposed to help her, but I also wanted to seduce her, especially since she was helpless. My parents mentioned that phone lines are down and they can't reach anyone, including Madalena's home or cell. I went outside to notice weird objects coming to life. And heading our way.. I smashed them with something like a bat and then overheard a voice saying, you have to say delete.. Sometimes it works.. So I said, "delete delete delete" and they dropped to the floor. We had no weapons and I felt helpless to protect my family for long.. All the drinking water had turned green and slimy and i didn't know if it was safe to drink , so we didn't drink it. I went out to find water.. Walked on the side of a hill towards a wooden cabbin and suddenly noticed the dogs were being strange.. the house dogs.. They looked at us angrily, growled and slowly walked our way.. I'm sure at least one looked like a wolf. Commands didn't work. Si I said Delete delete delete delete and they fell to the ground. It felt like the end of the world and for some reason I kept wanting to seduce the foreign stranger beautiful girl inside.