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The dream begins in a new empty

The dream begins in a new empty house my parents are about to move in to. As I look around, I walk into an open closet and on the floor is a black-crystal crucifix necklace with a silver chain. The necklace is beautiful and I assume the person/persons that lived there before must have left it behind. I put it on. I'm then in school, the class is letting out. Standing in the crowded hall are two male detectives talking to my professor when he points in my direction. The two detectives come toward me, they ask about my necklace and how I've come to find it. I tell them, explaining I'd found it in my parent's new home. They then show me a picture. The picture is of a young woman who looks almost identical to me, only her hair is lighter and she is a little thinner, also, she is wearing the necklace. One of the detectives tell me that she has been missing and if I have any clues as to her whereabouts to come forward. I of course say yes, but get the feeling that they think I might be involved. Later that night, I'm in my dorm. I hear my name being called and curiously, I investigate. As I'm walking down the long hall, the large windows of the dormitory reflect not me, but the girl from the photo. I am incredibly freaked out, but retain a calm composure. The voice eventually leads me into the girl's restroom. And there, standing beside the bathroom stall is the girl from the photo. I tell her about the detectives looking for her earlier and that she needed to come forth because they think I had something to do with it. We have an exchange and out of frustration, I end up yelling at the girl. She smiles and pushes me back saying: “I want you to know, you're talking to yourself.” And standing there alone in the bathroom staring into the mirror above the sink is only me. I scream, running down the halls of this dormitory. As I'm running I can still see that girl being my reflection in the windows. As this is happening, I can also hear indistinct chatter of multiple voices running together. I then fall to the floor holding my ears sobbing. I look up at the door to the supposed dormitory in front of me that reads: WARD. I then realize that I am not in college, that what I'm in isn't a dormitory at all, it's a mental institution. I have never been in college, nor have I ever been institutionalized.