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I was wandering on a cruise ship

I was wandering on a cruise ship and I found a secret room on the deck. Inside it, there was a beautiful but terrifying black panther. I looked at it in awe but was afraid of it so circled to the back of the room and the panther escaped out of the room and ran around the deck of the ship. The panther ended up mauling someone to death. The cruise ship security guards went searching for the guilty party who let the panther out of the room, but they did not catch me. I was able to lie my way through it and get away with everything, but I felt guilty and sad about the innocent person that died.

I had a dream I was an

I had a dream I was an attorney representing a femal guilty client who murdered another girl she met at a truck stop. She tried to take a plea deal but it fell through so it had to go to trail. I new she was guilty but was in charge of trying to find information that would prove her innocent. I kept having to carry around actual dog poop as it was her evidence. The girl she murdered was a girl she was having sex with. Not sure it matters but the plaintiff was a beautiful black woman and she had a large family who believed her to be innocent.

My brother had been sexually abusing me.

My brother had been sexually abusing me. My mom did not believe me and believed my brother was innocent since he was younger than me. I ended up taking him to court and he was found guilty and was punished meanwhile I was free to live on and me and my mom never made up.

I was this giant man looked kinda

I was this giant man looked kinda like a Native American anyway I killed tones of people some of which were innocent (not good) anyway so I then had to sit trial but when I sat trial I became me again and I had to explain to people that it wasn't me but that this had happened before someone had tried to frame me and this was happening again now. But the people sat behind me had lost their father to this man so wanted justice. I was declared innocent but had to be watched in case I turned back into this man. Anyway these guys weren't happy with that so they tried to kill me with snakes but I caught them and then I woke up!

Last night I dreamt that I was

Last night I dreamt that I was at a gas station, getting some gas for my car when a bunch of robbers started shooting innocent people. We had no way of escaping because they had the perimeters blocked and would risk being shot at if we drove off. So I didn't know what to do. At that moment, one of the shooters said he would save me, but he started kissing me and I didn't want to kiss him back. So, he threatened to shoot me if I didn't comply. The guy was not attractive and his lips were awful.

I dreamt a small innocent looking man

I dreamt a small innocent looking man in his 60s was catching a female mute swan to be taken somewhere. He put her in the back of a delivery van (in this case, frozen chips/fries) but it was empty. As he put her in he threw her because she tried to defend herself and then I witnessed him throwing a large heavy roll of paper at her and shouting You S.O.B... The make swan was calling for her (with the voice of a stag) from the public park where they lived. The man disappeared but I had taken down the number on van to report. He returned and i somehow got in the van and rescued the swan who was all bound up and strung up like a trophy. The man said he was going to kill both of us but I got her out and released her back into her habitat. He found out and chased me, but then I found his van all boarded up in an attempt to hid his identity. I ripped it all off to show people who he was.

I was in the car with two

I was in the car with two versions of my friend Sophia: one was very playful and funny and laid back, the other was more stuck up and cautious. Only the laid back one was named Sophia, the other one did not have a name. No Name was driving, Sophia was sitting in the middle in the front, and I was sitting in the passenger seat. I had my feet up and Sophia was playing with them. So I said Put my toes in your mouth, and she said ok! in a very cute and playful way. She started to suck on them very sensually and it turned us both on, even the no name, though she refused to let it distract her from driving. Later though, she couldn't control herself and started to suck on them too. Then they noticed I had a boner and I said Do you want to suck my dick? to the no name and she looked at me a little angrily and said You want me to put your... penis in my mouth? then I strategically turned the conversation around by saying No, I simply asked you if you wanted to put my penis in your mouth, and then she shut up until we got to my house. When we got to my house, I don't remember if we had any more sexual activities (we might have made out a little) but I went up to my room to get my bong so we could all smoke marijuana and Sophia texts me saying that she was still high and that she didn't want to smoke just yet. So I went downstairs to where the kitchen table is and sat down on the toilet to poop. Sophia and No Name were sitting on the couch watching what was called good Mtv which was good quality programming on the Mtv channel. As I was pooping my brother started to unlock the door to come home. I was naked so I threw a towel over myself and had an innocent conversation with him while trying to wipe my butt at the same time. When I was done, I went into the tv room but the two versions of Sophia were not there! Instead, my brother was just telling me about this good Mtv and that I should watch it. I looked around my house searching for my two sexy companions, until I went to rite aid to buy some stuff. When I got to rite aid I saw playful Sophia and my acquaintance Michelle, who is in my grade. They were both wearing a black tank top and jean shorts. They both looked so beautiful bThey didn't see me and for some reason I didn't say hi to get their attention. I saw them later in the checkout line and then I said hi. Doing a little shopping? I asked and they said yeah. Then I woke up.

I was running from the cops in

I was running from the cops in my old neighborhood and went to my ex's parents house and at first when I knocked on the glass slider they didn't hear me. so I knocked harder and my ex and his dad let me in. I was breathing so hard because I ran the whole way there. I then decided to leave and try to run home since I only lived two streets over. I got about a street over and saw a cop car and layer in somebody's lawn. I decided that the safest place for me was at my ex's house with him and his parents. When I went back it was just my ex that was awake and he took me in and calmed me down. I saw a wolf outside the window and pointed it out to him. He said it was raccoon. Then I explained that the police were coming for me and that I was innocent. He took me to the basement where his room used to be and let his mother know what was going on. He then held me tight and kept me calm. The police came looking for me and his mother handled it and covered for me!