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I was speeding along winding sea side

I was speeding along winding sea side roads in my home city in an old brown car, my speedometer was broken so I had to drive according to how well the car handled. A man helped me fix a blind covering the windshield so I could open it to drive and close it later. This same man turned out to be a spy and showed up at my fathers house to put poison in everything including my laundry and said by the time we found out what it was and where it would be too late. The poison eas meant for my father who was a rival agent but it was me that got sick. Later we found postcards with the eggs of deadly insects embedded in them meant to hatch.

in the backyard, a squirrel with a

in the backyard, a squirrel with a giant fluffy tail runs by and underneath a chair. an enemy appears from under a cover with a cat trying to catch the baby squirrels where they where hiding, but they all managed to disperse soon enough. the boy yells, upset he couldn't catch the squirrel, the cutest and smallest one of course. i begin to scream and yell at him for wanting to kill that squirrel, especially the baby, he comes up with some excuse. later we're in the livingrooom in a recliner, i am sedated compared to much earlier, he's moaning and groaning something in my ear, trying to have sex with me, pushing his erected member into me. i pull away and the dream ends. i am in a huge theatre taking a seat with my friends and few unrecognizable family members, i am avoiding one of them, the bald one... i sneak into the bathroom and it insects with another part of the theatre where i invite my friends into, trying to slip away before the ones i dont want to follow come back.