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I walked down into an old garage

I walked down into an old garage at home (which no longer exists) to speak with my grandfather who has been passed away for several years. He was not a sickly invalid as he was before his death, but was relatively healthier as I had known him. I was stopping him from helping mow the yard. I told him I wouldn't allow my grandfather to mow the yard, that I would do it. As I started walking out of the garage, I passed two strangers walking in who promptly turned around to follow me out. The main stranger was vividly detailed, long shaggy blonde hair with bangs, gold rimmed glasses and appeared to be in his late 40's. The other stranger was less descriptive with dark hair and thin. My dreams are rarely this descriptive in people I've never met. The two strangers then accosted me with the intent of raping me. I could feel his limp penis against my back. I started to scream for help, but was having trouble as one often does in dreams. I saw my neighbor/relative in whom I do not have a close relationship with, on her porch and was finally able to scream out help, which woke me from my dream.