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This is may depend from implementation front-rank equipment park,technology,equipment,algorithm,cleaning,methods,equipment,components,mechanisms and industrial equipment, specialized detergents and cleaning funds and also beautiful organization work cleaning service. In our world use support Cleaning firms made necessarily authoritative and relevant. Some enterprises and organizations Partnership long for a time enjoy help with cleaning companies, but not conclude personal frames swabber for such types of services as Cleaning a private house and Bathroom cleaning in TriBeca . Long-term practice General Partnership in Chinatown & Little Italy owner specialized company is STEPHEN WILLIAMS, revealed that hired trained staff cleaning firms produce cleaning well faster, neater, scrupulous and cleaner, than for example own regular cleaners. You will be spared from wasting time on training and recruitment frames , on check his work, you it will not be necessary to allocate room for cleaners and organize storage inventory. We Limited liability Limited Partnership is that is on the street Douglaston invite you personally work with uson profitable conditions. Any Economist Proves You contain Multiple workman at a loss in collation with employ foreign cleaning service. cleaning services : as cleaning services

I was in a dark forest at

I was in a dark forest at night, and there was a big lake. In the lake was a dragon. No one else knew about it but it trusted me and came out of the water to see me and I fed it. A man in a car showed up and demanded to see the dragon but I insisted that it didn't exist, and the dragon hid. Finally the man left and I watched him drive away, and the dragon came out to see me. I climbed on its back and we raced through the forest. By the time we found a clearing it was light out. There were people and little buildings and a house that had mechanical doors, twisting gears connected to wood. I went inside to find a man, an old inventor that I somehow knew. The dragon knew him too but he stayed outside, the hallways being too small for a dragon to fit through. The inventor emerged with my aunt, who I was surprised to see, but he reassured me that he only created her to look like my aunt because he fell in love with her. I wanted him to help me keep the dragon safe out in the woods because people were starting to catch on that he lived near the lake. He agreed, and it felt like the start of an adventure.

I dreamed that I was in a

I dreamed that I was in a store and I was stocking the shelves with a inventory of women's purses. Under the bottom hooks where the hooks hang for the purse was a mouse nest that was built by someone. It was set up to be a mouse trap. When I touched it not knowing what it really was a coworker ebony tole me to hurry and wash my hands but I didn't at that very moment. I continued to hang the bags up and notice that there was money in front of me on the floor where I was kneeling down. I picked the money up and put it in my pocket. I then started to des cover more and more money right in front of my face. The money was wet and soggy but I new that it could dry and be fine. Another coworker TT was asking me where to hang some necklaces with white feathers around it. We put the in the front of the store so people could really see them as they entered.

At first, a group of boys, from

At first, a group of boys, from a church, apparently. They were searching something, me included. Behinf us, there was a forest, just as ahead. We were on a roughly rectangular clair. We tried to enter the forest ahead, which was full of thin trees. There was a nun, our caretaker. She was near a...tree. It was light colored and full of sections of "spikes", long and tbular, with flat tips. "You are the Lord's spikes" She said. We got really annoyed, since we were busy. There was a fight. One group wanted to explore south, and other one, north, I was on the side wanting to go north, since I had a map and that is where it pointed. They went south anyways. Weirdly, the map showed they walking. They arrived at the place I knew it was a beach, even if it wasn't shown on the map. There were names of unknown, dangerous islands on it, We called for them. After that, I was alone in the dream, going north. There were no longer forests, but plains with light green grass, with trees growing here and there. I found a full armor set, red, made out of copper, with protusions on some places. It was forgotten for the rest of the dream. I found a dog, tiny and brown, pretty much like my real life dog. There was a guillotine. Big, dangerous. Near it, a chest. A little further away, another one. I noticed that going near a chest made my dog go near the guillotine, so I deduced it was a trap. I went away, pondering whether I should try the further away chest, probably not connected to the trap. I pressed "E" to open the inventory. When I closed it, the dog had been beheaded and the chests were now signs with the reading: "Life is ------" I don't remember the last word. There was a beach. Not shown in the map, either, but beautiful. White sand near the short grass. This is where the dream ends, near the beach with unknown islands on the map.