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I'm all the time dreaming about this

I'm all the time dreaming about this girl called Juliet. She's my friend and she goes to the same school as i do. I told myself not to try to flirt with her because i dont want to destroy in anyway our friendship. But my mind and dream is my trouble. I can't stop dreaming and thinking about her. She's in my dreams every single night. Im dreaming about perfect moments with her where we kiss, hug and talk together in hours. Its really disturbing me cause' every time i meet her in school i'm kind of in love because of thoose dreams.

First i was in a stadium with

First i was in a stadium with my dad sitting far from me but kept looking at one another i had this guy I'm currently talkin to tha loves me and i asked him to come back to my house with me to get something i can't remember but we were walkin through the bushes with people and homes all through it he stopped to to cuddle a girl he new he asked me first i didn't mind he took a while so i ledt on my oown to my home that wasn't my home but in my dream it was i got there my mum wasnt my mum andseened like a women with issuea i got in and there were rabbits 2 or 3 of them and there arms were massive with huge claws that swatted me many times i was on top of furniture to get away from them my friend came looking my mum told him it wasn't the house he cryed weirdly. and my mum that wasn't my mum told me how much of a tossa he was and how he just cryed there was more but its real fuzzy i was then with my other boy friend michael i wass yelling at him cause he had the wrong idea about something his justf a friend . It really got me this dream tho please heelp

i keep dreaming that iv burried a

i keep dreaming that iv burried a dead body 90% of the time the body is my girlfreinds nanny who passed on some years ago her body is always in the same place in her garden where she once lived in the dream i have an anxeity that the body is going to be dug up an i will be caught for it its really strange last night she was on a computer screen in the garden it looked like she was trying to say to other people in the dream where she was burried I dream M of a dead body in my garden

i was in a room with my

i was in a room with my fiancee and our daughter. he had her in his arms and she kept crying to get me. i tried getting to her but something or someone was holding me back from getting to her. i dont know if it was a force or a person but i knew i couldnt move AT ALL. so while i try to get my baby, my fiancee is telling me that hes found a new mother for her and shes (my daughter) forgotten you and doesnt know who you are anymore. he tells me that hes going far away that i'll never see her or him at all never ever. (in reality we're doing well and i never have the worry that he'll take her from me because we've already come to those agreements through court and shes mine). at that moment i start crying really bad just screaming and crying trying to get to her but i was still being held back. throughout all this he kept laughing at me and holding her far from me. he just kept laughing while tears were rolling down my cheeks :( ive seen it two nights in a row and its really scaring me. the tears and his laughter feel so real that when i wake im left breathless in tears and with heart pain. what does it mean please help :(

i had a dream about meeting on

i had a dream about meeting on a very beautiful place with beaches around, my ex boyfriend' s dead mother. she seemed happy and she seemed to like me. and its my ex boyfriend who brought me there to meet her !! And my ex boyfriend its really over , we dont even talk anymore. but when we were together we were so close and he told me that his mother died of cancer long ago , he was still a kid since then he struggled with life and he never knew his father.


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