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In my dream Trump was on trial

In my dream Trump was on trial for treason and was protesting that his jailers did not supply him with enough adult diapers. Jared and Ivanka had fled the country ahead of arrest by President Biden and had taken refuge in Russia. There they planned a great semenancy ritual intended to exert sodomic mind control power over the American public while the nation was weakened by the pandemic.

I'm in a jail cell, but there's

I'm in a jail cell, but there's no jailers. I have items that would not be permissible in jail. A deceased friend is in the adjoining cell with guitars. I'm able to go into his cell. I had drugs with me in jail. I'm able to pull the bars of the cell out and squeeze out of the cell. I leave the jail and am picked up by my mother driving a jeep. She drives me back to jail. I slide back under the bars into the cell.