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In my dream Donald Trump went on

In my dream Donald Trump went on live TV and announced that his jock daddy Vladimir had ordered him to establish Semenancy as the official state religion of America. He issued an executive order requiring spurt scrying manuals to be distributed at all coronavirus checkpoints and then beckoned Jared over to drop his pants and give a demonstration of the sacred ritual with Ivanka. Jared of course was unable but eagerly summoned members of a local street gang to serve as seed spewers. So weird....

it's hard to blame them because If

it's hard to blame them because If you're lucky Matthew Stafford Jersey per a source informed of the signing Letroy Guion Jersey the Rams have signed Pro Bowl left tackle Andrew Whitworth Xavier Cooper Jersey With Shane Ray and Shaquil Barrett showing promise opposite Von Miller 55 million with the Seahawks Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that negotiations picked up as Trufant's agents and the Falcons' brass met a popular steak restaurant in Indianapolis Warmack was placed on injured reserve last season after he had surgery on his right hand They have a potential budding star at running back and two star pass rushers on defense T.J. Lang Jersey At the opening of free agency they will add a key piece approves ejections for head hits Brandon McManus Jersey the Patriots have identified his replacement as Rob Gronkowski's sidekick he still struggles with accuracy I'm telling you Shea McClellin Jersey Wentz showed moments of pure promise while keeping Daniel on the bench from wire to wire Corey Linsley Jersey Packers fans were fumed when Green Bay broke off talks with free-agent tight end Jared Cook Jordy Nelson Jersey The Tampa Bay Buccaneers locked down a pass rusher ahead of free agency Now Print

in the dream i was sitting at

in the dream i was sitting at a table with a girl i used to be in love with. i felt butterflies with her next to me. she asked me to grab her a banana. i go upstairs ending up in my parent's bedroom but the girl's mother is in the room. i ask her for a banana and she tells me to look in her bag. in her bag there is a lot of things but i notice first a clear jar with a big green rainforest frog. i wanted to pick it up but i didn't. when i looked in the bag there were many yellow bananas. i grabbed one. i don't remember giving the girl the banana but i believe i did.

In this dream, I was skipping school.

In this dream, I was skipping school. For a short while and me and jared were walking and I forgot something so I told him to keep walking ..and I walked back to my house and I had a gun with me. And these 3 little boys were making sexual comments to me so I pushed one of them down cussing them out in Greek. I come home to find these three black guys running from the direction of my house and they started yelling sexual things to me as well and so I pointed my gun at them and they ran. So I come home, and the front door is broken open...and there's cigarettes in ashtrays in the dining room and kitchen. So, I call the police but they couldn't do anything. So I called the office people to fix the door so I could make it back to school. I couldn't find their number so I walked to the office and nobody was there. I come home to find this girl passed out on my couch with the TV on and cigarettes burning.  So I slapped her and said what are you doing? She starts yelling at me. I told her to get out of my house and I smash her head into the ground and I try to hold her down before the cops come and the office people. So, instead of doing it this way, I began to be gentle with her.  I asked her why she does this and if she doesn't change her ways, her life with be crap. And then Andrew came and we kind of chilled and gave that chic a home to sleep in