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I dreamed that I had two proposals

I dreamed that I had two proposals and I choosed the rich man .... Then a woman from our family get jealous because I refused her son... My mom also get married in my dream she had a proposal too from a rich man who give her a lot of money and he travels I think like he didn't live in the same country and he tells her that he will be always with her and he will be always coming whatever the situation is

I dreamt that I went to a

I dreamt that I went to a very formal party and I got really drunk and started seeing everyone as dogs, and then I teleported to a soccer game and was watching behind the goal. I got jealous that they were playing and I wasn’t so I ran onto the field and started playing in a tuxedo.

I was in a room full of

I was in a room full of naked people lying on the floor. We were using body heat to keep warm. A man layed on top of me and kissed me on the mouth. I think we were in love. Then he was inside me but we weren't having sex. We were content and I was grateful to have a man to cover me. There was a jealous woman but she was far away

I had a dream about a school

I had a dream about a school and a hidden magicshop and a mysterious guy who's said to bring trouble and he followed me around campus after i blught a toy from him and he gave me free food and then he snuck up on me with 2 guys dressed in black and he creeped me out and later revealed he was jealous of my boyfriend.

Okay so we were in school and

Okay so we were in school and my friend Cynthia and this popular dude. So we were casing her down the hallway and into Mrs. gonzales room but it was like at noon. So we went inside and got a pizza and then some how he asked me out and I said yes, So the. We told her and she freaked out and we holded hands but then it wasn't Cynthia anymore it was my other friend call Alyssa which I this she hid the pizza under her hoddie. He placed his head againts mine and I felt his fluffy hair. So then the settings change and we were in the lunch line holding has and my ex saw and got jealous.

My husband getting married to another woman

My husband getting married to another woman and he is ignoring me when i asked with him he said that its because for child i get married.My mother in law was so happy coz my husband get married.I saw that i was so upset but my husband and mother in law they both seems so happy.I am begging with him that dint leave me but no response. But in real life we (me and my husband) live together and my mother in live seperatly. she doesnot like me coz i cant conceive baby but my husband love and support me so much and she is very jealous now recently my husband is out of country for job purpose for 2 years so will you tell me what is the meaning of my dream m so worried and distrub.