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I seen my ex boyfriend with a

I seen my ex boyfriend with a girl and I got angry and cursed him and the girl out so the girl peppered sprayed him and he was breathing hard and told me he had asthma and I gave him his pump so we laid down and I was wiping his eyes with this brown teddy bear and I seen a white jellyfish coming my way

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I was trying to sleep in a

I was trying to sleep in a room full of poisonous glowing jellyfish. I was tameing a crocodile by performing theatre. My friends failed to show up to my performance and perform with me so I played a video of the rehearsal and everyone thought it was great.

I was at a Vacation home on

I was at a Vacation home on a beautiful beach when all the sudden white shimmering seedSstarted falling from the sky. The whole sky was sparkling, it was beautiful. When the seeds fell to the ground they started sprouting into this ruby red jelly like flower, I tasted it and it was sweet. Then this lady appeared and asked what was going on and what were theses seeds falling to the ground. I told her "this is biblical prophesy". she then started to scoop the seeds/jelly flower up to take back to her house. in my dream I heard the word barley, for some reason.

I enter a haunted house. I am

I enter a haunted house. I am wearing a skirt made of clear jelly that looks like Vaseline. It jiggles. Inside the skirt are dead goldfish. I look inside a box full of wild and violent dogs. I am with my family but we do not communicate. There is a stand-up mirror with dressup, dress up, and costumes and boas hanging from the mirror.