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I was in a stadium full of

I was in a stadium full of thousands of people and in the middle of this stadium was a man preaching about jesus christ and god and thousands of people got up and started exiting the stadium and i got angry and stood up and said yous remember this day remeber this day

The world was ending and me and

The world was ending and me and my family and friends went into a zoo building to get out of a medior shower and when we stepped in the building was on fire and blood was running down the sides of the building and everyone was screaming and all of a sudden this huge large animal human thing is in the middle of the building yelling at us for how we treat god saying "you take pain meds because you have a headache in the morning while jesus christ suffered for hours" and he said that brining down the walls of the building would be our justified sacrifice for our lord. And alot of people got crushed when he brought down the walls. All of a sudden my grandma was sleeping in another room and he was gunna kill her..and i said i would take her place only if she lived and he was just about ready to snap my neck when he asked do you want to live a long life? And i nodded and he granted me that wish and he was gone.

An incredibly reliable reference told me Harry

An incredibly reliable reference told me Harry Reid never will release their taxation statements because she has not necessarily compensated his / her entire 10% (of entire "increase") tithe for the Church regarding Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Team (LDS). - a faith he conveys using Romney. When Harry Reid wasn't this kind of despicable hypocirite he would relieve his or her tax statements so the Bishop connected with the LDS Infirmary might assess if Harry humiliated in the course of the Serenidad Advise Meeting the entereza suggest being a Mormon's "admintence card" for you to almost holy Brow r¨¨gle. canada goose homme

I was in a town I used

I was in a town I used to live in. I met up with my ex and his friends. We were going to another town for the day. I told my ex before we left that I was pregnant and it was his child even though we had not had sex. We were at a restaurant in the other town and I needed to go to the bathroom to change my tampon. I was shown to an old stable where the stable stalls were converted to bathroom stalls. I was trying to take care of business when I needed to find another stall because the door would not lock. As I was looking for another stall, little baby animals (baby rabbits) began running around very fast and began coming at my feet. I left the stable to find the lady who lived in the trailer behind and attached to the restaurant. I knocked on her door and explained what was going on with the baby animals so she came out to see for herself. As we approached the stable the baby animals were coming at my feet again so she could see what the animals were doing. She said I could use the bathroom in her home. As we were heading back to her home my ex approached me and said we need to talk. I knew it was about me being pregnant and I thought he would argue with me about it not being his because we did not have sex and I hadn't had sex. Instead he said we need to get married because of the baby. He did not argue about the baby being his. As we approached the steps to the trailer two kids were coming up on a bike and skateboard. The kids followed the lady and I up the stairs to the trailer. One of the kids made a comment about me being pregnant and said something about a name and said some numbers and that he is coming. I was asking him for clarification of what he was saying. The other kid put his hand on my stomach and said "Don't you know? He comes from Isaiah. He comes from Isaiah 11. I had never read the book so I did not know what he was talking about. I asked the lady if she had a bible I could use to look up what the kid had said. Once inside she directed me to the room by the door. I notice a child safety gate was up to keep the black cat in, which I found puzzling because any competent cat could just jump over. I made my way into the room and found an old bible on a stack of books. I began looking through the book to find chapter 11 of Isaiah. As I found the page to Isaiah 11 and began to fully open the bible, the pages began to fly out of the bible and were all over the floor. I began looking through the pages to find Isaiah 11. There were too many pages so I looked for a newer bible. I found one and I opened up the bible to the page where Isaiah 11 was found. When I found the correct page I woke up. I looed up Isaiah 11 as soon as I woke up. It is a reference to the coming birth of Jesus Christ.

First of all i am a woman

First of all i am a woman of God, but in this dream me and one other person was suppose to be dead and in a funeral home waiting to be embalmed. i was asked to draw a satanic symbol on a table. i don't know how i knew but i drew it and i wrote something under it. this other person that was suppose to be dead request that he have a very large silver symbol of Jesus Christ melted down and placed in the casket with him when they embalm him.they were taking him to the room in the casket and one of the men that was carrying him didn't wont to carry him so some one else took and the guy was asking for his belongings and i picked it up and followed behind the casket with his hat and his bible. when they took him in the room i passed his bible and hat in the room and some one gave them something pink wrapped in plastic. and the door was shut. i heard this girl name which is a member of my church call to me and said its your turn now pastor. meaning it was time for me to be embalmed i looked and i did'n see no room or anything indicating that they were ready for me i looked to see if there was a light on over the door but there wasn't . i began to think in my mind how is it that in dead and does it mean that you are in reality alive until you are embalmed. i woke up after that.