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I was this giant man looked kinda

I was this giant man looked kinda like a Native American anyway I killed tones of people some of which were innocent (not good) anyway so I then had to sit trial but when I sat trial I became me again and I had to explain to people that it wasn't me but that this had happened before someone had tried to frame me and this was happening again now. But the people sat behind me had lost their father to this man so wanted justice. I was declared innocent but had to be watched in case I turned back into this man. Anyway these guys weren't happy with that so they tried to kill me with snakes but I caught them and then I woke up!

I have a sister that hates me.

I have a sister that hates me. My father died and she took my inheritance from me along with my brother's. I had his power of attorney and she took him to another town and had him make her his power of attorney along with the executress of his will. I dreamed that we were on a bridge, a very high bridge in a car in which she was driving. Cars were backed up and people could not get by.The cars were not moving. She maneuvered the car around the others and she started driving up the bridge. A black dog was running in front of the car. I looked ahead and saw that a span of the bridge was gone and I started screaming for her to let me out . The doors were locked and I could not get out . I pushed and pushed on the door but I could not get out. I looked art her face and it had the most demonic look and the most evil smile I have ever seen on her face. I yelled at her ..you want to kill me and I woke up. I can't get this dram out of my head. I have tried communicating to her by phone, emails and mail but she will not respond to me. All I would like for her to do is to give me and my brother our inheritance. I don't hate her. I have prayed and asked god to help me remove this bitterness from my heart. All I want is justice for me and my brother.


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