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In reality I was in the driver's

In reality I was in the driver's seat and my friend Scarlett was in the passenger seat we're just good friends we have just started hangout over the summer. I was tired I was high from smoking marijuana so I fell asleep. In my dream I saw that I was still in the car in the same position with Scarlett in the passenger seat and then I entered drove into this road and as I got to the middle of the road there was blocked off and then I realize the rest of the road is pretty much is blocked off with construction materials laying around all over the place in piles creating blockade. So I pulled to the right to figure out what I was going to do. Then I realized full-size Nissan SUV also entered into the road as he got to the first pile of construction obsticle in the middle of the road it disappeared and the Nissan SUV just kept going and going and going and everything that was blocking the road was not there anymore and the road was clear so I followed it to the end of the road but it was not there anymore I don't know if it went left right or straight ahead just disappeared along with all the things that wore blocking the road. In a very low voice in my sleep I heard Scarlet calling me that you wanted to go home so I woke up. You know I smoked marijuana that night I was able to tell her in detail even down to the point and that the Suv was a light brownish color and it was a older model at least 10+ years old. Scarlet already had interpreted the dream in her word right away but I want to see what you guys come up with. **He's a little back story I've been dealing with a lot of stress in my life I'm unable to concentrate at work I think I have ADHD I'm unable to handle multiple tasks at once conversations or social problems any problems I start to panic I over-react I bug out and I ignore it or just completely forget about it. forget about it.**

I had a dream where I was

I had a dream where I was running away from my ex-girlfriend, except my ex girlfriend was a cat (that is so weird i know). But she was a cat in an organization where all of the other cats where evil and trying to get me. I was in the street, and it was dark (it looked kind of like halloween night) and I was running away. When I got closer to my house it changed to sunshine. My mother ran out to help me and told me to hurry up, she has already blockaded most of the house and she needed help before my ex-girlfriend-cat could get to us. We hurried up and got inside and went upstairs. We looked out from a big window and she told me: We are safe now. Don't worry. We have won.

i dreamed jennie and i were in

i dreamed jennie and i were in ireland at the hotel we will be staying at. we were poking around the rooms, having a great time. we went downstairs to the pub, there were men sitting around an outdoor table drinking beer. i was blockaded so the only route i could see was to climb over their table. i put my hands on the table and started to jump up, the table fell over sideways and lauched some items at top speed toward another table with a man sitting there. people thought he was dead. i walked over, thinking omg, i may have just accidentally killed someone... he was lying on the ground with a pizza almost embeded in his face (thats what was launched!). i gently pulled the pizza/cheese of hoping he was still alive. he opened his eyes amidst the red pizza sauce (whew, thank god hes alive!) then i realized... it was mel gibson. swear to god...what the hell does that mean???

A large group of my peers become

A large group of my peers become fixated with death and decide to attempt a mass suicide by jumping off of a bridge. Meanwhile, I am doing everything in my power to stop them, but, you know, its a dream... so 'everything in my power' turns into a massive chain of people passing "supplies" (consisting mainly of pillows of all things) toward the suicidal teens while I try to get past the police blockade, that is preventing anyone access the bridge, by scaling a the sit of a train that then begins moving....