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Laurence: 7-10 most others: About 20 I

Laurence: 7-10 most others: About 20 I can't remember much of the first half, so I'll just give you as much as I remember. So there was a girl named laurence, and she didn't know that was her true name yet. (The part of this dream that really bugged me out was the ending, considering it was nightmarish and the rest of the dream was pretty non-nightmarish. But I would like some interpretation on the rest.) Laurence, as we call her now, lived a very normal life from what I can remember, until she went to a building where there were these showers, except they looking really strange... Kind of like a 2pz orbital. So she went there, and met a lot of people, and then there was a giant party. So it was a giant sunny field, and in the middle of it the people Laurence met were standing on the ground next to the deck. There was a bit of music and they were really excited about something. So on the count of three they were all going to jump in the air, except one of them, an African American woman who was quite well endowed, lifted up her shirt to reveal her bra. (I can't remember much here, so I'll skip ahead.) They're now all at a store that's near my dads house, sitting down. This is where it starts to get weird. So the African American woman suddenly is sick, or injured, or something of that nature, and a very pudgy woman shakes her head and says, "Fran, she just had to lift her shirt up." And there's a flash back of the house, except this time when Fran lifts her shirt, her skin underneath starts to rot. Being brought back from the flash back, they're now in the middle of a road. We learn that Laurence thinks her name is Pheobe. So they're on this street, and suddenly this guy comes out of nowhere. (I thought I should tell you that right now I feel like they should be on a ski hill, but I don't remember anything about a ski hill.) He's about fifty, and he has a small dark brown puppy behind him. The puppy turns into a little girl. (Fran is dead, by the way...) she walks over to the pudgy woman and Hugs her legs from behind. They all forget about her and she stays there. So the man starts to talk, and this is another place where everything is fuzzy. I'll give you a summary of pretty much everything I can. So they meet the man again, Pheobe learNs her name is Laurence, and her last name, but I can't remember what it was. they appear at a place with hoses and sprinklers, and then they're back somewhere else. They man shows up many more times, giving Laurence many things to think about and advice, and I think he acts horribly to her a few times, and says things that confuse her. Her says he is her dad, and then I can't remember much after that. I'll just get to the ending now, because it's the strangest part. So Laurence is suddenly at the top of the stairs of what appears to be a shop of some sort, and she is wearing old time clothing, from around 1800. Everything is that way. As she goes down the stairs she says, "Oh great, ____, because of you we're at the house of that horrible old man." When she walks down the stairs, she gasps, because sure enough, he is there. Except... Now instead of being frightened or sad, or even angry, she feels trust. She sees him walking around the room in a peculiar way, and follows him. They walk behind a table, and he starts to mumble something to her that she can't here. After walking around the room, she has asked countless times what he is saying, he finally just points up the stairs, Shoves his face in front of hers, and screams something. Just underneath his chin, subtitles appear that say "SatanSatan" without any spaces. What he actually said was "SATAN CHILD, SATAN!". She hears footsteps from the stairs and imagines Satan with the little girl by his side, the one had turned into a puppy. (Throughout the dream, Laurence had turned into a blonde puppy, And sometimes I would be watching the dream as though she had pushed me down, and I saw Laurence puppy as though it were a kaleidoscope.) She never actually sees this man referred to as "Satan", Only imagines him, although he knows the little girl would be standing next to him. She hides under a chair, and that's when I woke up. I usually have dreams like this, my dreams are rarely about me and if they are I am altered in some way. Usually physically, such as in some dreams I am older, (About 15-17, although my real age is 12) In some dreams I have black hair, in some I have animal ears or am stronger, and recently, if I actually end up sleeping through the night, it will be an intense nightmare. I had two of these, I'll add links to them when I write them. As a question. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers, and I apologize for this being so long and I'm sorry if I left out anything important. 14 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.