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My son had a kite it was

My son had a kite it was so high in the sky I could see it above the clouds. He was holding the kite string and suddenly I looked to him and he was gone but the kite string was still hanging from the kite. I looked up and I could see shadows in the clouds, I pulled on the string but it did not move. I kept pulling harder on the kite string and I pulled with all my strength and my son fell out of the sky onto the ground. He was scared and told me they didn't want to let him come back.

My son was flying a kite and

My son was flying a kite and then he disappeared but kite string was hanging from kite in sky. I pulled on it but it would not move I pulled on kite string again very hard and my son fell out of sky.

I was sitting at a table and

I was sitting at a table and an older lady came to me and put a piece of Popeye in front of me. She turned and walked off. She came back several times with a look of hate on her face and each time she put before me on a table a piece of Popeye. Next I was standing outside and something or somebody beside me was talking about the seven heads of something. They held something that looked like a kite with a fuse and when I turned towards it I lit the fuse. Seven balls if fire launched into the sky before us and turned into seven dragon heads. Then everything turned to smoke.

I was in a basement filled with

I was in a basement filled with kittens and other cats, they were drinking water. I went into my room and a giant butterfly or moth kite flew in, it looked like a pokemon, overhead, i saw a giant spiderweb, before i knew it, my feet were caught in the strings of the kite that had turned into a spiderweb , except there were real spiders on it, not giant but still big for their size, i freeaked out and was trapped then i saw green light apots everywhere. Earlier in the dream i saw a vampire named angel (from buffy) he or i was given a knife with a tooth pendant attached to the bottom of it, it hurt him at first, but began to use it against ninjas that were sneaking in through the window

I was dreaming that my boyfriend has

I was dreaming that my boyfriend has build me a beautiful white diamond shaped kite. He was holding the string whilst it flew high in the night skies and the stars were beautiful and bright

The second dream was that we were

The second dream was that we were walking and some black guys in 2 long cars pulled up and started asking us questions and you said that they were trying to rob us so you told me to start moving faster. Then you put me in between you and the cars like you were hiding behind me. Then you grabbed my hand and took off running so fast that I just kinda flew behind you like a kite. Then the robbers caught up to us in between some houses with some other people they were trying to rob. The cornered me and asked for the money in my purse and I was debating on what to give them so they shot me in my right foot. Eventually they let us go. In the dream I told one of the guys that his lips would be perfect for beat boxing