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It started out with a zombie apocalypse,

It started out with a zombie apocalypse, I didn’t see any zombies I just knew it. I’m out in the hot summer run in a lush green forest, looking for food and shelter. There’s a rustle behind me and I turn, hunter’s knife in hand and it’s an older man with a little kid hiding behind him. They look hungry, hungrier than me. I ask him why dosent he try out for our district’s competition. Sure it’s a zombie apocalypse but we still had a form of government. And this one held a competition twice a year for the common people to live in the capital if they won, runner ups get food. We travel to the compound where it’s being held. Like a metal auditorium, small and the steel is surprisingly not boiling hot. I trained the little girl in preparation for the competition, I’ve grown close with her and her dad. Revealing I had competed when I was 16 and won. But now I was living as an outsider. The compound soon fills with families also competing. We get sat next to a redhead family, I can tell something is off with the dad by the way he sighs as he watches his young twin daughter play. We fill out paperwork as the 13 or so judges come in and take their seats. I recognized a few but one knew me. He smiles and tilts his head in a respectful way. I turn away feeling my face go red. First is the kids spouting off facts about our government. Next to compete are the fathers. They’re made to kill zombies, the red head father almost died. A zombie aiming for his neck, I kicked it away from me and the girls and the guy I’m with kills it. The night ends, the judges leave but we are made to sleep on the steel benches and dirt floor. There’s a small lamp, I remember someone once telling me the capital uses these little lamps to signal for electricity. Turning it off is considered a crime. I’ve competed before, I know what comes the next day. I know I’m the only one awake, I turned it off to give me an extra leg up in tomorrow’s competition. Then it’s tomorrow, everyone wakes. No one notices the lamp. The judges come back, the one I know personally gives me a smile as he sits. I hear whispers. The capital holds this event twice a year because they’re struggling to keep people alive in their secluded area. It’s true. I used to live there so I know it is true. I say nothing, no one can know I competed before. I need to help the little girl and her father, they’re my friends. It’s time to complete. I look over at the tired red headed father and know immediately what he is thinking. I whisper to him, don’t kill yourself, your daughters and wife need you. He looks surprised, I shrug and get down from my seat and stand near his wife. There’s a song we are meant to sing but the tablet with the lyrics isn’t working. There’s no electricity, I made sure of that. I know the default song, it’s the district’s anthem. They have us sing it while they wrote our scores. I sing soft for the parts I know I won’t get right and belt out the parts I know I can nail. This is how I was taught to sing. By the judge that I know. He looks proud I remembered his teachings from when I was younger. I hold back a grimace. They give us our scores, we have to add them together. There’s comments left next to the scores. I notice the judge I know left me a x8. I can multiply my entire score by 8 to get the highest score and win. He leaves me a flirty compliment. The dream ends before I can get my final score.

I dreamt that I was at my

I dreamt that I was at my girlfriends parents place but she wasnt home. Then one of her brothers called me and told me she moved overseas to teach, but then she walked into the room right after. Then we went to her room and she changed into other clothes in front of me, she was wearing matching pink underwear, after she changed we were going out, but her stepfather was acting weird but there was someone behind him with a knife, so I started chasing the guy. Next we are in the car and my girlfriend is driving but the check engine light was on.

I was going on a school trip

I was going on a school trip with all any out of school fiends and my mum was also there, I got on the bus and my family friend was there and I thought his hot brother was sitting behind him and there was a free seat next to him so I sat down but it turned out to be Heath Taylor, who is very annoying but funny so I was stuck on a 2 hour bus ride with heath. When we go to our destination there were 4 different islands. One had the hotel/resort on it then one was an island made fully out of obsidian that Chloe was old because she could turn everything to lava and she would flood the hotel with lava. The second island had a volcano next to it and it was full of plants but very swampy because Amirah could flood the hotel with water and create water out of thin air. The third island was mostly dirt but it was very close to the volcano on Amirah’s island so they were basically connected, this island was for Lena and she had powers of earth and could used wind to remove shards of rock from the volcano and use them as knifes. There were different periods of time where the hotel would either be flooded with water or lava or there would be rock spears flying around the air. I got bored of being in my room so I went outside to the roof of the hotel above the pool, I looked out on the different island as there were different boats full of my friends going to visit the islands, there was one teacher form my school, Miss Hoffman who was a relief teacher for my class in year 4. I was not supposed to be out on the roof so I hid in an air vent until she walked away. I crawled thought he air vent until I ended up in a massive room that was much nicer than mine and it had 2 king sized beds a massive tv and a whole living area, suddenly Erin came in and even though we are really good friends in real life, in this dream she was like a celebrity so I quickly sprinted out of her room before she saw me. When I was running through the hallway someone stopped me and told me my mum was crying because she couldn’t find me anywhere I quickly went to my mums hotel room and found her crying in the shower as she called the hotel staff to keep a look out for me.

There was a tall slindermen creature/demon standing

There was a tall slindermen creature/demon standing above me watching me sleep, there were sheets on the walls and they fell of the wall and the demon was hanging the sheets back on my wall. Then I heard a noise in the closet and I go to check it out and a possessed baby doll with big red eyes and a knife were staring at me, I ran to my bed and then it started to peak out from around the corner. After that I look up to see a silhouette of a girl sleeping on a cloud and she tells me to look at her and the demon wouldn’t hurt me.

: i got kidnapped with bunch of

: i got kidnapped with bunch of people. we had to fight against the ones who wanted us dead. we were hiding behind a car because they were shooting at us . one black man helped me get in the car. i asked him for a snapper. i had to shoot at them and at trucks coming at us. after the explosion of millions of trucks. my grandparents car was behind those trucks. i got scared for them. they were smiling. everyone with me died . i was the only survivor. one girl i knew , i didn't see her for a long time , maybe about 7 years helped me drive a car we found, he were struggling and fighting two men with knifes. she sacrificed herself until i got home safe.the men died . i called my dad along the way telling him about my grandparents.but when i got home i felt strange. home was weird. i was scared.

I was at a halloween party and

I was at a halloween party and everyday had a costume on. I had a captain America costume on .I went there with a girl I don’t recognize but we stayed till the end of the party and I went to open the door and I see someone in a ghost face costume start attacking me with a knife. I used my shield to blocked the slashes and then I run out the room and start using Spider webs and start swinging around a mall. And then I saw myself in third person seeing my myself run away from that person. At the end I got out of there.

I went to an illegal party, I

I went to an illegal party, I killed someone and disposed of the evidence but left the knife with my fingerprints there. I ate cookies and escaped.

I dreamed about me and a bunch

I dreamed about me and a bunch of other random people going on a hike it was all fun but when we came back that is when it started to get scary because i swear i saw Jeff the killer in a room but he somehow turned into a shadow and disappeared out of thin air i tried telling the others in the house but they thought i was going crazy but i knew what i saw and so when the guy went in his bed siting up i tried warning him but i was to late Jeff the killer was already behind him and stabbed him with a knife ran away and that is when i woke up