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my ex fiancée who stalked me for

my ex fiancée who stalked me for a year after we broke up came over & I let him take me to an auction to buy Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain tees and CDs. I spent too much money and he wanted me to go out with him instead so I returned them and the shop owner let me return them and I looked through bags compulsively for tees I did want more. The shop owner was female. There were guinea pigs, a little girl owned them and they bit me. A man with frogs and snapping turtles came and those were biting. I had to get home before curfew and all these frogs and turtles kept escaping the wallet and biting me

Kirby, you were working as an architect

Kirby, you were working as an architect on Columbus with your dad. Kurt, you had your own optimist office. I was interviewing for a job (no idea what kind) so I was coming into town to visit. Neither of you had room for me to stay so I found a hotel downtown near both of your offices. First night, Kirby throws a huge party at her office and Kurt walks me home because turns out, I'm staying in the ghetto, not that close to where you work. Second night, Kirby throws another party and I leave early because of the interview. Well Kurt didn't want to leave (he found some cute nurse) so I decided to walk to the hotel alone. I got followed by three men in women's wigs and two little kids. They circle me about to attack me when the wind goes nuts. We look up and there are 6 tornadoes coming!!! I tried to call you guys but you wouldn't listen and hung up on me. I tried to make my way to you but had to duck into a nail salon. The tornadoes are going through town, sweeping people and buildings up but all pass the nail salon. Until the last one. It took the building and spun it and spun it and as we passed Kirbys office, you two waved at me with smiles! I was so pissed and sure I was going to die that I jumped out of the window and jumped so far I landed out of the tornado. I took of running towards you guys and you saw me and ran away. Lol we finally caught up with each other at the top of a mountain? Lol and before we could talk, the whole city started collapsing and church steeples were flying through the air stabbing people and as some statue came towards us, we all hugged and then I woke up

Posted: August 11, 2014NOTE: GMT is +4

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I am in the point of view

I am in the point of view of a boy from my school named Kurt. We are in a creepy commercial about injuries in the 1970's. The shooting of the commercial is during a strange time. It was made to run away from the current world that we barely survive or are afraid of. I am the father of in the stereotypical happy family shown in commercials. The commercial is also secretly an FBI investigation. I then show up at my neighbor's boor who is a murderer with my little daughter and son planning to kill the housewife because I slept with her and she acts like an evil step-mom. The kids want to stab her in the face. We magically knock the door from behind their tree in the lawn. A mangled body is thrown out the door that is not the wife even though we thought it was at first. All laughter stops, and my children begin to scream very hard. There is suddenly a complete eerie silence. A loud scary noise is heard as the house bends which strangely forms an occult sign. The murderer rises out of the occult roof shape by floating. He can control our bodies and wants to mutilate more people. He wants to send my daughter to find more people to kill. She is screaming at the top of her lungs as he touches her face. Objects begin to move around, and blood is slowly pouring on the sidewalk.

I was watching a saas bahu aur

I was watching a saas bahu aur saazish episode in my dream.they were showing uttaran.all the story moved to atisgar.there is some celebration.meethi is in a wedding look.all the other characters r also there.like ichcha,veer,taapasya,rather,Thakur family,bundela family,mukta,Vishnu,akash family and most specially aman and yuvraj.omg….. Everyone is very happy.aman is as usual with his cute smile.but yuraj!!!!!!!!!i mean saurabh……omg cant tell u,what a look he had…….he was in a green or blue (cant remember) party wear coat….and have a vary little beard…and his hair is like shah rukh khan in don 2(yuvi avi avi jail se aaya hai na)….mujhe nehi pata tha that our cute guy srj can look so so so so so so so so dashing and handsome in this bold look. Then I saw some yuthi scenes also may be.sbs mein itna hi dekhneko mila in my dream.and my dream continued.i saw then I came to this forum and post a new post "yuvi is back"…..bas this time my mamma came and told me wake up and my dream breaks…… U know guys I dream about srj 4 the last 5 days may be……. Log kahete hai ki morning wala dream sach hota hai.i watched this dream on 9 am.ye kiya sach hoga?hoga to kab hoga?when will I get my srj back to uttaran as yuvi?when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????