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In my dream, i was flying a

In my dream, i was flying a house, the walls where yellow, when i looked out the window, i saw a big "E" on a cloud. then i went in my room where i had 4 videogame systems, all in a row. I played on one of them. Iplayed an imatation go-kart raceing game where i chose a green ghost and a sun. when i started a race, instead of the normal track music, the sun started singing an oppera. When i finished playing, the house landed. I opened the door to see a desert like setting. I walked out the door and my mom shouted from the kitchen, "soup will be ready in 15 minutes". I walked to a building with a line of homeless people. i picked up a loaf of bread and went to the kitchen, Ipicked up a ladle that was full of holes. an employee called me to chean tin foil plates. i went to the restroom to see a bathtub full of plates. when i wased the dishes, a little girl came up to me and asked me to go to her friends. when i came up to her friends, a result screan came up to my glasses.

I leave my home to go to

I leave my home to go to this shanty village. I am trying to save my father and brother. A crowd of men surround me and they jump on my back until I can no longer stand. They press themselves upon me. I find the strength to stand and get away. I hide in one of the dark shantys. I find a silver ladle there and a girl hiding in the dark. I take her with me. I feel like I have to save her. I bring her to my home and feed her stew with the silver ladle. She seems restored. I go back to save my father and I am successful. I bring him home and feed him with the silver ladle but his color is not restored he is still dark and gray and determined to go back to the shanty houses. I am saddened but I let him go realizing that he doesn't want to be saved.