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I always dream of myself getting killed.

I always dream of myself getting killed. Most often drowning. Sometimes being chased. I also see my funeral ceremony. One of my dreams have been haunting me for along time. I was in on board, on a ship. I saw one old lady directing me to a door. I opened it and saw that there was no path ahead of me, just the vast ocean. I looked to my left and right, saw people falling down from the same ship. I fell down just like them and drowned in the water. It was evening time in my dream. I saw the dream at a night time. But I did not get startled or got up from my sleep. And when I woke up I had this vague broken parts of the dream and I dont even remember that lady's face!!

usually, my boyfriend leaves me for a

usually, my boyfriend leaves me for a week only, but this time i went to go drop off our grandson cause he wanted him so i did. When i went i saw a lady there with him and i said rightway who are you to the lady and she said that she has been with him for 2 years already. i said what to her and she said 2 years, i have been with him for 19 years what are you saying. then this lady did not want to say anything. My boyfriend didn't even say anything she just stand close to the lady.