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I am huddled next to my bed

I am huddled next to my bed in a curled up position. a very large pigeon with beady eyes is attacking me. the only thing i have to defend myself is a laundry basket, which i am using to push off the pigeon but i am aware that i am running out of time. i am trying to scream for help but no words will come out and i have no voice. right as the pigeon is about to get me my dad bursts into the room and the dream ends

I was speeding along winding sea side

I was speeding along winding sea side roads in my home city in an old brown car, my speedometer was broken so I had to drive according to how well the car handled. A man helped me fix a blind covering the windshield so I could open it to drive and close it later. This same man turned out to be a spy and showed up at my fathers house to put poison in everything including my laundry and said by the time we found out what it was and where it would be too late. The poison eas meant for my father who was a rival agent but it was me that got sick. Later we found postcards with the eggs of deadly insects embedded in them meant to hatch.

Don't utilize an filthy couple of clothes.

Don't utilize an filthy couple of clothes. Sweat soaked up through the clothes will develop bacterias that can cause smelly smell in your ft and the tennis shoes. In case you have by now used that will couple of clothes, next use it from the laundry gift basket and have a recently washed couple. black salomon shoes

I saw smoke, walked into the laundry,

I saw smoke, walked into the laundry, and discovered a small fire. I then walked into the next room and warned my mother and sister and they nonchalantly passed it off and continued to lay and watch TV.

I dreamed that I was in my

I dreamed that I was in my father's old business. I was walking up the stairs from the basement and was carrying a load of laundry on the stairs. I did not stop to pick up the laundry. I left the laundry on the stairs. As I came up the stairs, my brother tried to push me down the stairs. I did not allow he. I walked through the door into the store. My brother was standing on my right side and he was dressed in black. He yelled at me to get out of his store. I looked to my right and saw my dad's friend who died smiling and was very happy. I saw my mother who died, looking at me with a bitter sweet smile on her face. She was wearing a rose coloured blouse and a black skirt. I saw my dad on the other side of the store. He was happy and whistling and selling a lady something. I looked at my mother and asked her why? I started crying and I woke up.