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I was wearing a rainbow ring that

I was wearing a rainbow ring that could take me forward and backward in time. Suddenly, I open up a portal in my grandma's house, and I fall in. I end up in my grandma's house in 2017, and apparently, I ended up in a timeline where I don't exist. My family looked at me as if they never knew who I was. It was 12:00 noon, and another portal opened. I jumped in and ended up in Los Angeles. The trees had yellow leaves and dark bark. The dojo was full of only black belts. One of the masters of the Dojo walked up to me and dragged me in a room with 3 other black belts. The goal was to collect as many balls in the center of the room. I collected 2 balls less than one of the black belts. It was noon, and the portal opened. I explained to the instructor that I don't go to his school, and I had to go. I bid him farewell, but as soon as I said that, the portal closed. I was stuck in the dojo forever. The rainbow spirit of the ring closed around me. Everything got darker and darker and then I woke up.

Driving an all terrain vehicle with my

Driving an all terrain vehicle with my two dogs. There had been a recent heavy rain and trees were down, there were mudslides and rock slides. It was in spring, and the trees had new leaves. Water was dripping everywhere. I stopped at a crossroads, near a tiny store. My dogs jumped out with me and began to wander around. A truck stopped, and two redneck men got out. One man took a shovel and violently beat my gentle little dog to death. I ran to my dog but I knew I was too late.