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nose falling off. My left side of

nose falling off. My left side of my nose splintered off. It turned dark blue in a matter of minutes. I didn't try to put it back on. Instead I walked to a mirror to look at my reflection. I found a small mirror then a larger mirror. I saw my nose, my left nose wing was smaller because that's the side the splintered off. In my hand I was holding my entire nose. I debated on putting it back on. I looked in the mirror again and I was fine with my new nose. So I split my splinter nose and found veins like that of tree leaf. It had patterns like the back of leaf. The were orange against the dark blue background. Then I laid down my nose and let it go, let melt into something. Then it was gone, but I was happy with my new nose.

I dreamed that after My ex boyfriend

I dreamed that after My ex boyfriend broke up with me he started dating my sister. Everyone was being weird around me because they couldn't tell if it bothered me. I'd fine myself always trying to avoid them but it was hard because he was always in my house. we have a family dinner and hes thier with us too, i feel uneasy the whole time.Then I woke up and fell back asleep again and the dream contined only this time. My sister and I were going down a hill on a bycicle but their was an big animal down at the bottom. So we turned the corner and ran into a strangers house. She calls my ex bf to come and get her. He dose with his mom, I remember feeling confused and angry but I let it go and i see the drive off.