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I was at a friend's house, and

I was at a friend's house, and his parent's bed was in the middle of the house. next to the bed, some stairs lead to an underground animal room. the first room had fish tanks. a bed with fish tanks around it. but it is all crocodiles, sharks and piranhas. the friend threw food at us so that the crocodiles could eat us or the food. in the second room was a kid's play area with what looked like a black lion and a white lion, somehow I ended up in the play area. the entire place was deflating like a jumping castle and the cage to the lions were open as I exited the gate a lion was in front of me as I turned around it grabbed me on my shoulder. then it cut to me being on a highway trying to tell people there was a zombie attack happening. everyone is dying around me. and everything repeated again

Saw a cat being killed by lions.

Saw a cat being killed by lions. I burned the lions. An evil lady cursed me and I tried to set fire to her but she didn’t burn

Explain what my dreams means : I

Explain what my dreams means : I had 3 dreams. The first dream is about 3 passports, the Fijian passport untouched by cockroaches, the American bitten all over, and the UN passport only the front cover and back cover bitten.. the rest inside is untouched. The second dream is I am sitting the in the middle, beside me is this 2 Israel generals older putting the soldier rank onto my shoulders uniform. The third dream is I am speaking to thousands and millions of soldiers they wearing white all over, white boots, white weapons, and for me I’m wearing the israel soldier uniform. What does my dream mean?

My ex and her family came to

My ex and her family came to visit and stayed over in a house I don’t recognize. Millions of spiders were crawling in and running towards my ex and I. I was stepping on them to kill them.

: i got kidnapped with bunch of

: i got kidnapped with bunch of people. we had to fight against the ones who wanted us dead. we were hiding behind a car because they were shooting at us . one black man helped me get in the car. i asked him for a snapper. i had to shoot at them and at trucks coming at us. after the explosion of millions of trucks. my grandparents car was behind those trucks. i got scared for them. they were smiling. everyone with me died . i was the only survivor. one girl i knew , i didn't see her for a long time , maybe about 7 years helped me drive a car we found, he were struggling and fighting two men with knifes. she sacrificed herself until i got home safe.the men died . i called my dad along the way telling him about my grandparents.but when i got home i felt strange. home was weird. i was scared.

School test pairing something like that Taehyung

School test pairing something like that Taehyung was my partner since we use to date I was late he left me and did it with someone else And then when I told him why he didn’t wait for me He told me he wanted to break up A girl asked him to date him He look at me and left Later I found out that I was pregnant I tried calling taehyung but he never picked up My family sent him the test on paper He didn’t look at it Years later he’s back in the city He is performing and I went to tell him The whole show he is making it as if he hated me the moment he saw me His best friend jungkook ignore me when I ask him to tell taehyung to meet me later in the changing room Taehyung kinda insults me in front of millions people I had enough and left I came home crying Taehyung came to my place when he came my grandma asked him if he got the paper and ask him if he knew how my life has been hard raising my child by myself He still have no idea it’s his child too He came to my room and talked to me About his life Then I woke up from the dream

Two gorgeous gigantic white lions asleep and

Two gorgeous gigantic white lions asleep and one awaked to my footsteps approaching and walked right up to me and my poodle but did not attack her or me. The lion was unchained

I'm lying on my back and carving

I'm lying on my back and carving designs into the rafters in the attic. A woman (wife but not my wife) and starts complaining about how much time I spend working on the house and not her. She gets down on her knees to see what I'm doing and I stab her in her ear with a pencil. The ear cartilage. She grabs her ear and starts screaming. Rats come out and attack her. I stand up and walk out of the room. I'm now in a very small room with a table, phone book, and phone on the table. I exit that room and I'm at the top of a big and wide spiral staircase. All the walls are wood paneling and I have carved designs in every inch of the wood. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I see some lady I don't want to talk with sitting on my couch looking out the back windows of the living room. Behind her and the couch are a row of exotic animals, 2 lions, a gorilla, and a couple of tigers all in cages with steel bars and bulletproof glass. I climb up on top of the cages and open the gate to the two lions. They come out and attack the lady sitting on the couch. I then exit the front of the house and when I look up at the house, I realize it is actually a castle that I built by hand. I climb up the outside walls and through a window of the room with the table, phone book, and phone. I call for my driver to come to pick me up at the hardware store. When I hang up, I set the phone book on the floor and set it on fire.