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I came across a locket which when

I came across a locket which when worn in combination with a correct ring would bring luck and prosperity to the wearer. People are trying to take it away from it and i am trying hard to protect it from them

My husband and I recently separated. After

My husband and I recently separated. After the separation I had this dream. My husband and I are sitting in a parked car. I am in the drivers seat he is sitting in the passenger seat. He asked me if I am thirsty and I say no. he says I am going to get something to drink. he gets out of the car and goes somewhere to get a drink. I don't know where he went and I think how is he going to get something to drink because I did not give him any money. Then I realize he has his own money. The next thing is I am sitting in the passenger seat and it is dark outside. I see my husband walking toward the car and he is wearing his cowboy hat and has a brown bottle in his right hand. Then he starts running toward the car and instead of getting in the drivers seat, he gets in the back seat behind the drivers seat. I feel disappointed and ask him is that where you are going to sit. Next thing he leans forward between the front seat and starts kissing me passionately but the kiss taste bitter. He keeps asking me don't you want me? I know he wants me to get in the backseat to have sex with him. I tell him we can't do this. I tell him we have been apart for twelve days and you haven't even call me. The next thing is we are in an old house and my husband walks into the bathroom and says we have bats in the house. I tell him I don't care. The next thing is I am trying to see his hands to see if he is wearing his wedding ring. I tell him I did not take my wedding rings off but I guess you did. My husband tells me he took his ring off for a minute. He then throws his ring toward me so I can see he still has it. When I look down at the floor I do not see the ring but instead I see a silver lace work heart shaped locket that is broken in half with the top clasp broken off also. I look at it and say, "not again". I then notice my wedding ring is not on my left hand. My husband comes over to help me look for it. I then see it on my right hand. I take them off and put it back on my left hand. But now there are three rings. there is my engagement ring then a white gold ring with robins egg blue inlaid enamel that is badly scratched and the a white gold ring with diamond on the side facing toward my wrist. I look at the rings feeling disappointment and say"I wish I had a new wedding set" then my husband is sitting in front of me and says"well your not going to pick it out, I have been looking at rings and I am going to take you to look at them" I look up in disbelief and say"you have been looking at rings for me?" then I am filled with a wonderful warm feeling of love. I then wake up

I am at a swimming party, the

I am at a swimming party, the same swimming party that i was at in fifth grade. I was not me, and my friends were different characters as well. I remember a locket falling. The girls being cruel, i was hopping over fences, there was an old man with his gun, i was trying to accomplish something, but i do not know what.

Barely any light its like shadows. there's

Barely any light its like shadows. there's a very sick girl she pale and her eyes are dull. she reaching out to me. the the room goes dark and the light flashed on its dull gray lighting again there's blood all over the place. the sick girl gone. i remember her wear a white sundress with a hooded cloak that's also white. she wears a silver locket it looks really old. i have this dream over and over. its gets worse and worse.

I was having to go upstairs which

I was having to go upstairs which i cant do i asked a lady to hold my glasses for me so i could carry my walker up with me at the top she gave me a locket and told me to put my details init incase i have an accident while im on my own i said thanks and she said we have to help each other out in this life