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I dreamt I was in.a.house with my

I dreamt I was in.a.house with my ex husband we had lodgers one was a well dressed black man I was afraid of him he was a bad person he didn't pay rent and was proud that he ha on up on me your lodged a bullied me I was angry my husband did nothing about it and seemed to be against anything I did or said .another lodger resembled an old friend but she was much thinner I stop up to her and she at a ked me making a small nick on my neck I said I would call th police she laughed a th do in was too small for evidence .was.enraged an took it out on a young couple that couldn't afford the rent and three them out. My husband persuaded th young man to take on a false name and illegal work .I worried about him a he was so easily or I regretted my anger being directed at th young couple th black man seems go be around fainting m about everything a I could do nothing to stop him .