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Aliens find my family and me, and

Aliens find my family and me, and friends and tell us we're going to the 'Underworld' with them. My 2 year old daughter is not allowed to go with me however. So i beg a friend to take care of her while we are apart and give him her belongings. I promise that I will do whatever it taked to find her when we get to the 'Underworld'. This huge mechanical arm come up from the ground and snatches me first, and shoved down this tube water slide tube along with my other family members (Dad, Mom, Husband, Brothers) We are all sliding down and sploosh! we are in this tropical oasis, but know it is only to cover up the horribleness we will expreience down here. As I get to the big pool that 100's of people are in, I here my daughter coming down the slide. I'm fighting to get back to the slide. People are in my way. I'm screaming for someone tp help me. I'm screaming my daughters name and everyone around me is looking at me like I'm crazy. As I'm getting shoved closer and closer to the second portal, knowing that this is my last chance to see my daughter..I wake up.