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I had a nightmare and tried to

I had a nightmare and tried to wake up by saying the Lord's prayer. I woke up and went back to sleep. I was half asleep when my friend tried to undress me and have sex with me. I see his eyes shift up and behind me. I realize someone is watching and start screaming and yelling at everyone. I start throwing things and smashing everything. I walk out of the room to see someone holding a camcorder. I knock it out of their hand. I'm yelling at the top of my lungs. I wake up from my dream and feel frightened. I am scared. I try to go back asleep and a different friend is in bed with me comforting me about what happened. My friend and I are cuddling. I can't talk because my mouth is so dry from yelling in my previous dream or situation. My friend tries to give me water but is poking the top with his finger. I tell him to quiet down so my mom doesn't hear him. My brother wakes up and tells me that my mom could probably hear me. I tell my brother that I am freaking out because of my previous nightmares. My brother tells me that I am in a nightmare right then. I start yelling "no" and I woke up from my dream.

I saw my body, but was paralyzed

I saw my body, but was paralyzed and couldn't move. Black smoky vapour was trying to enter into my mouth. I couldn't breathe and had to say the lord's prayer over and over until the smokey vapour left and I was able to wake up.