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I dreamed about a childhood ex boyfriend

I dreamed about a childhood ex boyfriend who is deceased. I dreamed about spending a great deal of time with his family members even though none of them physically looked like his actual family members. I was enjoying my time with them and feeling like I was a part of the family, until a girlfriend of one of the male family members pulled me to the side and said to me in a very firm way "dont lose yourself in all of this". Then that when I actually saw my dead ex childhood (teenager 14 yrs old to 20) boyfriend. The woman showed me a picture of me and my ex and said he was showing it to other family members and then she said that my ex had commented to his family while showing the picture that he never meant to be invested in me or I wasnt worthy or something to that effect.........and then my dead ex boyfriend looked at me and I woke up. He has been dead over 15 years.