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I was at my grandmas house in

I was at my grandmas house in the back yard down by the garden i noticed there were okra and some other vegetables left then she appeared at the oposite end of the garden she said" take what you want hun, I couldn't get it all by myself, i got what i wanted out of it." Then we walked up to the house & went inside she showed me bags of potatos that she got from her garden to sell at her sons' in-laws farmers market. She designed the bag & logo for her potatos and the other produce she was selling at her stand then i noticed there was an ironing board out and i had asked her why she said she got it out to use it right before i came over, she was going to iron her clothes she was going to wear at the farmers market, she had a peach colored shirt that she was going to layer with a red blouse thst had gold on the top around the neck of the shirt then she asked if i thought she would look alright then i woke up

I am 7years and I had fever.I

I am 7years and I had fever.I dream my head was itching because of head lice. I killed 1 louse and I showed my mother. She didn't want to take the lices from my head

I'm walking through a bright forest. The

I'm walking through a bright forest. The trees seem to shine in the summer light and the grass is soft against my feet. In my arms is my little cousin. she is in a green shirt with grey shorts on and surrounding me are the people I care about. My 'family' of sorts. My best friend and the person I love is standing on my right. She in in a baby blue dress that looks like the sky. Indigo mixes with the dress giving it a beautiful shade. My younger sister is on my left in a dark purple blouse lined with dark blue. She is wearing black jeans and her hair is flowing in the small breeze. She is laughing with my cousin. My cousin is in a white dress with a yellow ribbon around the waist and her hair is in a pony tail. In front of us, leading the way is my other cousin, and he is wearing a red dress shirt with blue jeans. He makes his way through a small arch created by two trees who's branches twist together and make a pathway. We each enter it and I take notice I am wearing. It's a simple white dress with orange on the straps and a orange ribbon around the waist. I am holding my baby cousin in one arm and in the other a blanket. My cousin puts down the basket he was holding and takes his sister from me as I set out the blanket. We begin to eat and talk, enjoying time together. Time passes quickly and soon we start swimming in a lake nearby. It took up about 1/3 of the meadow and glistened in the sun. I am sitting with my best friend on the blanket when I hear a shot. Looking around frantically I see my sister fall in the water and red pool around her. My cousin who was standing near her screams her head off and runs to my sister through the water only for another shot to sound and her fall. By this time me and my other two cousins are trying to get together but my baby cousin trips and is gunned down. Me my friend and cousin are all together and crying when we start to run. Just as another shot sounds my cousin ducks in front of my friend and takes the bullet for her. We mourn for him but soon start running. We are now lost in the woods and cannot get out and I feel a tugging on my arms to see my friend with a hole in her stomach. I weep as she fades away and start running. Darkness comes and soon a blood red moon rises in the sky. I once again feel pulling but as my arms, legs and dress. I look around to see the dead corpses of everybody pulling at me. Old cut scars now are bleeding and my blood mixes with theirs. I start screaming and crying before becoming weak and letting myself fall into their clutches and waking up after hearing the familiar shout of a gun-shot.

I dreamed that I was in my

I dreamed that I was in my father's old business. I was walking up the stairs from the basement and was carrying a load of laundry on the stairs. I did not stop to pick up the laundry. I left the laundry on the stairs. As I came up the stairs, my brother tried to push me down the stairs. I did not allow he. I walked through the door into the store. My brother was standing on my right side and he was dressed in black. He yelled at me to get out of his store. I looked to my right and saw my dad's friend who died smiling and was very happy. I saw my mother who died, looking at me with a bitter sweet smile on her face. She was wearing a rose coloured blouse and a black skirt. I saw my dad on the other side of the store. He was happy and whistling and selling a lady something. I looked at my mother and asked her why? I started crying and I woke up.

I had so many bad dreams tonight.

I had so many bad dreams tonight. The first one: I took my step daughter Emily and my baby son (around 8m old and I don't have kids) to the prospect park to the ice skating rink. Emily went for Ice skating lesson and I was caring the baby. We were waiting for Mitch and far away I saw him with a woman in The forest ... I open A glass door and I went to them he hug her and kiss her like a goodbye. When I Got to them he said to me WHAT?. They looked at me and my Baby with bad eyes. Like I was the servant like garbage. She was tall hair in a puny tail, wearing jeans and a black blouse. Then one of my sister in law came to us and she said to me ... Don't worry I will fix it, and she took Mitch with her. He was like in other world. The second one I was trapped in a room with low windows and outside there was a big vulture. It was like a fabric and the culture was trying to catch and eat a little beautiful owl. The owl went outside and so many animals were trying to attack him I saw the little owl trying to fly and same his life and I was calling him to fly where I was because I feel could help him to heal and protect him. The thirds one I was in the house where I was raised and it was a woman spirit trapped in a room ( black short hair wearing a red top and jeans ) the room was my brother room ... A black witch woman did poison Mitch. I was trying to look for him and trying to take him away from her. This woman had so many kids and the room they all where living together was a mess smelly disgusting garbage place and the spirit inside sad scare of the witch woman. It was a BBQ and I was looking for Mitch and I couldn't find him. Mid while I saw my old friends from church and my Sisters. My Old friend fed me with meat. After that I told to one of my Sister about what happened to Mitch . She gave me a key to open The door of the dirty room. I went there, I opened the door and I took the spirit out... It was crazy one laughing and turning evil then crying and then sad. I heard Mitch and the woman and all the kids came Back and I returned the spirit back. I saw Mitch wearing a bandage around his head and A neck protection and more bandages he Was like zombie I followed him to a basement dark just lighting with candles and my sister was there and all my brothers (4 of them the men ones) and my sister said to me that I couldn't stay. She said they will bring him back to me. They were about to Do and exorcism ... Then I woke up. Mitch is my couple. We live together.

I was walking with my best friend

I was walking with my best friend girl in a mall we were going up in an escalator then i bought a century egg but i forgot to get my change but then i return for my change in money then we looked for blouses

I was walking with my best friend

I was walking with my best friend girl in a mall, we were going up in an escalator, then i bought a century egg, but i forgot to get my change but then i came back for it, then we looked for blouses.