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Hello, I dreamed of my first love.

Hello, I dreamed of my first love. We have not met for almost 27 years and I saw him one day, we set up a time and met just to talk. Then we started talking about our past. Since that day, everything came back to my mind and I started thinking of him all the time. I don't know if he does the same; there were a few nights I dreamed of him and he kept all my thought the next day. What does that really mean as it makes me feel sad to live that way. I don't know where he is at the moment.

I see a huge mothership spaceship in

I see a huge mothership spaceship in my dream. At first we thought it was a signal from an terrestrial enemy but then realized it was coming from space. The ship was a tube and it loved all things to do with childen or caring for kids.

I went to a foreign country to

I went to a foreign country to my studies and found the love of my life, got married and came back to hometown and confessed it to my mother

I had a dream where I was

I had a dream where I was in the arms of another man. So you understand my husband and I are having major marriage problems. Anyway in the dream that the sense I was still married to my current husband. But when I was in his arms I felt secure, protected and loved. I felt a strong connection with him like that he's possibly real. Maybe my twin flame or soulmate that we meet first in this dream before we actually meet in person. I'm so confused. Need clarity.

I was in this "high school" and

I was in this "high school" and there was some type of event going on, my mom was waiting outside for me while I was going downstairs to say by to my best friend and these two boys with her by the stairs. So I said bye to her and the other boy then I was continuing going down while I was talkig to this one boy who i'd text a lot and so we were chatting and I was smiling yk and then he smilied and whispered to me " I love you " and I kissed him on the cheek I think and told him " I love you too" and left