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I dreamt that I was swimming in

I dreamt that I was swimming in lovely deep clear water and a voice telling me to mikveh. what could this mean?

I am in a large, turn of

I am in a large, turn of the century house. I wander through it, looking for someone, but I can't remember who - or who owns the house. The dream is vivid. I can hear chickens, smell dust and mustiness in rarely used spaces, I can pick up and examine objects (many of which I remember from somewhere. These things are detailed, often personal, lovely but I can't remember who they belong to or if they might have been mine at that time somehow), I can feel the heat of the fire in the stove and delight at using the water pump in the summer kitchen. It all feels familiar as I search the house up to the attic and then down (very steep, narrow stairs to that attic!) When I get to the cellar door in the kitchen, I start to feel foreboding - but compelled to keep searching. As I go down the stairs to the cellar, I can identify the coal shed door, on old cast iron heater of some kind and another door. I look through the cellar, open the door to the coal shed and then approach the other door. It is identifiably different or out of place but I can't pin down exactly how it is different or what makes it out of place. I do "know" that I am strongly compelled to open it - and too terrified to. Extreme dread and foreboding when I reach for that doorknob usually wake me - sometimmes screaming. I have wakened my family peiodically through my life with this. I can't remember the first time I had the dream but I've had it throughout my life. It tends to leave me very nervous and unsettled, sometimes for days.

O keep dreaming of a beautiful forest

O keep dreaming of a beautiful forest with a lake that turns into a beach. when I walk through it I'm always calm but looking for something. This has happened now 4 times sporadically throughout the year. I always feel lovely here.

I dreamed of my deceaced mum we

I dreamed of my deceaced mum we hugged all the lovely feelings of love warmth safe contentment were there as we hugged she passed away

I had a lovely dream were I

I had a lovely dream were I went sale shopping and I had bought me 4 new outfits but I had to borrow money to pay for them

Necklaces usually does the outfit. Creating a

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I dreamed of having a gift bag

I dreamed of having a gift bag from Judge James and in it I had a lovely designer watch with diamonds and in gold and white gold with a cabochon gem and many other goodies I love it so much I ask if Judge James was married I could get used to a life like this.