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I was at my lover's home. We

I was at my lover's home. We were alone on the second floor. His wife was not at home. There was a staircase that went to a walk-up attic. As we passed the stairs, he said that he smelled something burning, he went up the stairs, opened the door and we saw a substantial fire I attempted to call 911 on my phone, but repeatedly, there was no icon to make the call. I asked him for the address so I could report it to 911. He wrote it down for me. I tried and tried to get the phone to be able to dial out. I could not. My lover has a phone, but he never once attempted to call 911. He just waited for me to do ├Čt. He was really calm about it and was waiting for me to be able to make the call. He didn't get his phone and attempt to call. Finally, I think that I got through. Then, still, in his house, we were kissing long and standing in the middle of the room, and allow a sudden, he gently but very firmly backed me up against the wall. Then he was kissing my chest and I was holding his head in both hands.

I had a dream about my lover

I had a dream about my lover and me caught by my grandma and i convinced her to he is my study partner that's all. But he is my friend and now a days my all dreams are about my lover.

I dreamt that an old lover I

I dreamt that an old lover I know that I am trying to have a relationship with , i saw her in my dream we both was trying to have sex , which I beg her for , she accepted and we were trying to have sex then I saw my door was open , then I stand up to close the door and came back to her we take our clothes of and we were about to have sex when we where disrupted by someone , then i saw my old lover sweeping the place i live in , she also sweep my brother room and I thank her for it ,