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I had a dream once where i

I had a dream once where i was at my house with my mom and my cousin. We were all sitting in my moms office watching tv when we suddenly heard the front door open. I remember thinking this was odd because it wasn’t five o’ clock yet and thats when my dad gets home so we knew it wasn’t my dad. My mom said to go check it out so I did and when I got there I remember seeing this old lady with a long nose and was kind of short lady. I think she was a witch. Anyways, when I saw her I just remember my mom, cousin, and I just screaming at the top of our lungs because we didn’t know who she was and then she started chasing us and she caught my mom and cousin first. Then I ran around the house for quiet a while until finally she caught me then I woke up.

For several nights now, I've had a

For several nights now, I've had a reoccuring dream, where my family's house is being attacked... It's nighttime, and the best way I can describe my assailants are similar to zombies, but they are moreso like angry, irrational beings, bent on destroying anything and everything they come in contact with.. But that's not the part I'd like to focus on. It seems it takes place during nighttime, and while my other family members are there with me, scared, I seem to be the only one holding the doors closed. Eventually, after several attempted breakins, someone does manage to push me back and break through, but to my surprise, it's what looks like an undead, creepy, young girl... Possibly 10-14 in age, based on appearance. Her voice appears normal, but I could feel anything but normal eminating from her. After some hazy dialogue, she threatens to kill everyone in the house. But gives me an option. She says she'll put me into a coma, and I reply with, "If that'll end all of this." As I begin to fall to the floor, it feels nothing like what I would imagine a falling into a coma would feel like. I have shortness of breath as it begins to feel like my lungs are filling up with liquid as my vision slowly begins to fade out into red and I atart slowly coming out of my dreamscape... There might not be anything to say about this, but any help would be greatly appreciated...

I am in the point of view

I am in the point of view of a boy from my school named Kurt. We are in a creepy commercial about injuries in the 1970's. The shooting of the commercial is during a strange time. It was made to run away from the current world that we barely survive or are afraid of. I am the father of in the stereotypical happy family shown in commercials. The commercial is also secretly an FBI investigation. I then show up at my neighbor's boor who is a murderer with my little daughter and son planning to kill the housewife because I slept with her and she acts like an evil step-mom. The kids want to stab her in the face. We magically knock the door from behind their tree in the lawn. A mangled body is thrown out the door that is not the wife even though we thought it was at first. All laughter stops, and my children begin to scream very hard. There is suddenly a complete eerie silence. A loud scary noise is heard as the house bends which strangely forms an occult sign. The murderer rises out of the occult roof shape by floating. He can control our bodies and wants to mutilate more people. He wants to send my daughter to find more people to kill. She is screaming at the top of her lungs as he touches her face. Objects begin to move around, and blood is slowly pouring on the sidewalk.

on a sail boat with family in

on a sail boat with family in the ocean a powerful storm came(at night) with huge tidal waves crashing and spinning my boat all around tidal wave after tidal wave some 20 or 30 feet tall hit the boat and flipped and rolled it over as water was pouring i had only 10 sec to take a breath as we rolled over and over gasped for air only letting a small amount out and taking in water to my lungs as we turned up right and the water drained out i could see light but the storm was not over yet so i ran out side to try and secure my boat with a friend the tidal waves kept on coming and finely one knock me way away from my boat and family when i realized what had happen i looked up and saw the biggest one yet a 100 footer and i look around for a safe place and just saw tidal waves all around so i ran into a out house ( bathroom) with the friend and waited for the impact when it all changed im now stepping out the shower and drying off like i just got finished with my shower and everything is bright and sunny and my family is there and every is telling me that ever thing is going to be ok then i realized that non of us had made it threw the storm we had all died


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