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My gold mangalsutra broken in dream and

My gold mangalsutra broken in dream and fell on floor on my marriage anniversary. Started crying before god and my husband is also beside me but got upset that I didn’t took proper care of my mangalsutra and left me in pooja room

I was in my old primary school

I was in my old primary school and surprisingly it wasn’t a primary school anymore. I saw alot of grown people in there and I saw someone I didn’t expect to see. I saw someone i use to like alot. Then i tried hugging him but he acted so agressive towards me. Zach would hit me and scrape me until i was bleeding. Its not like him to do these things but he did. On the final hit i blacked out. I woke up to a nurse saying congratulations on having a baby girl. There were no scratches or hit marks on me. Zach stood there in many emotions but mainly shocked and happy. i had another dream a few days later that the baby was now a toddler. her name is daniqua in the dream. except the weird thing was i didnt see zach.