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Season of persimmons and spoons omens of

Season of persimmons and spoons omens of snowfall heaven unblessed blushed twilight milky moon tenderness swelling summer cicada strawberry insect bites bruised fruit plum syrup magnolia molasses gas station slushie cutting hair casting spells cherry icee rain gutted roof tornado season september loveless sweetvoice butterscotch milkweed milkshake thickets eyelashes sweetbriar hmyns meadowsweet cacoon cathedral moth apparations pink fog shrine crickets

I'm walking through a bright forest. The

I'm walking through a bright forest. The trees seem to shine in the summer light and the grass is soft against my feet. In my arms is my little cousin. she is in a green shirt with grey shorts on and surrounding me are the people I care about. My 'family' of sorts. My best friend and the person I love is standing on my right. She in in a baby blue dress that looks like the sky. Indigo mixes with the dress giving it a beautiful shade. My younger sister is on my left in a dark purple blouse lined with dark blue. She is wearing black jeans and her hair is flowing in the small breeze. She is laughing with my cousin. My cousin is in a white dress with a yellow ribbon around the waist and her hair is in a pony tail. In front of us, leading the way is my other cousin, and he is wearing a red dress shirt with blue jeans. He makes his way through a small arch created by two trees who's branches twist together and make a pathway. We each enter it and I take notice I am wearing. It's a simple white dress with orange on the straps and a orange ribbon around the waist. I am holding my baby cousin in one arm and in the other a blanket. My cousin puts down the basket he was holding and takes his sister from me as I set out the blanket. We begin to eat and talk, enjoying time together. Time passes quickly and soon we start swimming in a lake nearby. It took up about 1/3 of the meadow and glistened in the sun. I am sitting with my best friend on the blanket when I hear a shot. Looking around frantically I see my sister fall in the water and red pool around her. My cousin who was standing near her screams her head off and runs to my sister through the water only for another shot to sound and her fall. By this time me and my other two cousins are trying to get together but my baby cousin trips and is gunned down. Me my friend and cousin are all together and crying when we start to run. Just as another shot sounds my cousin ducks in front of my friend and takes the bullet for her. We mourn for him but soon start running. We are now lost in the woods and cannot get out and I feel a tugging on my arms to see my friend with a hole in her stomach. I weep as she fades away and start running. Darkness comes and soon a blood red moon rises in the sky. I once again feel pulling but as my arms, legs and dress. I look around to see the dead corpses of everybody pulling at me. Old cut scars now are bleeding and my blood mixes with theirs. I start screaming and crying before becoming weak and letting myself fall into their clutches and waking up after hearing the familiar shout of a gun-shot.

In my dream I'm walking in a

In my dream I'm walking in a wide meadow and then a fog blows in and blocks everything from view then I see a large shape form and a strange silvery glow surrounding it as the shape gets closer the silvery glow gets brighter and then there is a flash of light and standing be for me is a black wolf the size of a horse it has glowing golden green eyes it stares at me then looks off into the distance I look to see what it is looking at but all I see is a big shadow and then the wolf nudges me with its snout and starts walking away it looks back at me and then starts walking again then it looks back at me again as if asking me to follow it but be for I do my dream always ends I've had this same dream five times already.

Wading through a watery meadow with a

Wading through a watery meadow with a tar pit on a beautiful sunny day, spotted a wild cheetah napping it woke up saw me and attacked me.

Went to a barn or open house.

Went to a barn or open house. My husband was talking to this other woman without making eye contact with me. It was as if he were separating himself from me while talking with others. I went outside. There was mowed grass in a circle surrounding the house. The grassy meadow beyond was longer. There were animals grazing. I step in poop and have to wipe it off. My sister is sitting at a cafe table with a friend. Another friend is sitting at a table next to them. I tell my sister how tired I am of Dustin always separating himself from me when talking to other people.

I was in a meadow full of

I was in a meadow full of wildflowers. It was warm and sunny with a cool breeze. Everything smelled like honeysuckle.

I was in a big house with

I was in a big house with many floors, each more elegant than the last. There were fountains in the front foyer, large windows, and a great door. There were marble staircases, and the great door opened on a large meadow. Beyond the meadow was a lake, and beyond the lake was a great forest. As I was surveying the scene, a young woman dressed in purple with a hood approached me.

I dreamed I was in a big

I dreamed I was in a big house with many floors, each more elegant than the last. The front door opened into a large meadow, and beyond that was a lake and then a forest. As I was dreaming, a young woman in a purple hooded robe came running up to me.