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I don't remember the start nor much

I don't remember the start nor much of the dream. Only that there were two sides of a war/conflict. I wasn't human, think I was immortal, and there were two other immortals on the human side with me. And well, I know I said immortal, but I think they found a way to kill us or maybe only people our kind can kill us? Don't know. But the three of us fought with the humans. And the immortal made other imortlsal doll beings that the humans could control. But the other immortal who fought died. So I went to see the girl, cause I've never meet her. Upon meeting her I found out she was neither immortal and couldn't make those dolls. He did it for her. She did this cause she wasn't valuable and wanted protection, she was just human. So I decided to keep making them on her behalf. It made her really happy. But I don't think the dream got a happy end. The dream had a sad element to it. Before I went to sleep I saw "to your eternity", probably affected my dream.

Both my parents bad mouthing me in

Both my parents bad mouthing me in a village meeting with my uncle’s and aunts. Along the line one of my uncle’s wanted me to show him where to pee as I took him to the backyard I started hearing voices singing praises on a tree one of the voice includes my mum’s voice

I was in a national sales meeting.

I was in a national sales meeting. I knew I was retiring the next day. I went and participated in all the meetings. In the end I threw away all the meeting material as it was too much to carry home

In reality, I'm unmarried. The dream goes

In reality, I'm unmarried. The dream goes by. I was pregnant with a baby. My brother Abi was buying something as U asked him to in the terrace. I got pain and my mom took over the delivery. I pushed. The baby was laid beside my stomach in the ground and the umblical cord was took out and probably cut. I din remember after that. Shortly after that I was again pregnant with a baby again. I went to terrace in search of Abi to get me something to eat. He wasn't there. But my grandpa was there. I was kinda afraid of him and was leaving. He asked me what I wanted to eat as he was gonna get money from attending a meeting. He will be attending that meeting near our place. No one got that luck to attend it near their place but he got. He will be getting 29,250 from that meeting. I asked him for a rose milk but he said no. So I asked for a badam milk. He said ok. Suddenly I got delivery pain. I shouted for my mom. She came and I pushed out a baby. I holded my mom's had for the 1st baby and my grandpa's hand shortly for the 2nd baby. After waking up I din see my babies. I was shouting and banging the table for the babies. It was like a factory or something. My Mom came out and handed me the baby. Both the babies I pushed out were girls. I was in pain in my stomach. We all went somewhere, near the door or something in the factory like area. There came my husband. He was the actor Ram pothineni. I was in a anger that he din even there for my delivery. I went to him with open handed for a hug and he too. I stopped him before the hug and I hugged him as my mom , grandpa , grandma standing behind me. I head was lying on his shoulder. I was saying him while hugging I din even get to hold his hand during my delivery and I'm in pain in my stomach. He told me let's go home and everything's alright. It's like I was just relying on him for my pain and like love but with love. I'm so confused about what was I thinking then. My mom and grandma took care of babies. While babies were playing I was saying to my husband that were my art or something. And tgey were like or they were twins. Later they said that they were going home and can't spend their time with me. I looked at babies they were not babies anymore. They were running and playing.

I am in the pool and I

I am in the pool and I meet a rather attractive guy, and we start to interact, with which we end up helping each other in a strange competition in the pool in which the floor is more and more adherent, already at night in the pool, I start to fix an object that I found and he watches patiently, I ask him if I am wasting his time and he says no, I notice some love in his blue eyes while he smiles knowingly, then I feel that I am in love with him. I wake up, it was all a dream, I go to a meeting and my friend Eneko introduces me to the boy I dreamed of that night, I lose my balance and see two other boys exactly the same, one shakes my hand and I kiss his cheek and the other slowly and tenderly kisses my cheek, while the boy they introduced me looks at me with confusion and amazement, I blush and feel that my friends have already realized my crush, and therefore my homosexuality