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I had a small white mouse that

I had a small white mouse that had it's left eye taken out and dying. An older couple also had a small white mouse with it's left eye out and dying. Thy dying mice would be put in a cabinet with a clear door like the freezers in stores and you would leave after dropping it off.

I was in a barn on country

I was in a barn on country property and it was dusk. In the barn was a grey cat sitting in the middlle and surrounded by other animals like mice birds.suddendly looking around i saw seven golden and brown snakes wiggling just under surface of the ground heading towards the cat and it suddenly struck and wi ded itself around the cat but I tapped the snake lightly and said leave the cat alone. The snake stopped and chased the other animals in the barn. More snakes appeared and killing off the animals. They all stopped and looked at me and disappeared.But it didn’t scare and the cat survived