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In my dream michelle and anthony we're

In my dream michelle and anthony we're chanting as they were coming closer towards me. I was laying on the ground and looked up to see they're both carrying a glass looking object with sharp pointy ends. Inside looked like an oily glass Next I was sitting in what appeared to be a den around a tabke with many others that I don't recognize . they were chanting around me. I became freaked out and ran out of the house. I looked around to see the night sky and every house on the block was dark with no street lights on. I screamed for help and tried to knock on doors but nobody answered. All of a sudden a white truck comes towards me attempting to run me over. That's when I awoke from that awful nightmare. I awoke at 2 am unable to fall asleep right away in fear that I would fall back into it.

i was on a plane with my

i was on a plane with my buddy toucan, but toucan looked like my other friend Michelle, and we were gonna fly to delaware bc toucan had some family reunion or something going on, and i was along for the ride. I was supposed to fly to delaware with her and then call my mom n dad. We were flying, when we openednoir laptops and started chatting over skype?? We plugged our laptops into these power outlets on the plane. Some people were yelling at us for being too loud?? We then land back in Pennsylvania, in a random street bc its too stormy to fly suddenly. Our piolet, who looks like my bus driver, nearly hits this kid dinah i know. We all get out of the plane. I run across the street to this nearby hotel / apartment complex. I tell the clerk about our situation, and ask for rooms. He frowns and tells me there is no rooms open, and hes sorry. I run back outside and tell everyone else there isn't anymore rooms for us to dtay in before i wake up.

I was in the car with two

I was in the car with two versions of my friend Sophia: one was very playful and funny and laid back, the other was more stuck up and cautious. Only the laid back one was named Sophia, the other one did not have a name. No Name was driving, Sophia was sitting in the middle in the front, and I was sitting in the passenger seat. I had my feet up and Sophia was playing with them. So I said Put my toes in your mouth, and she said ok! in a very cute and playful way. She started to suck on them very sensually and it turned us both on, even the no name, though she refused to let it distract her from driving. Later though, she couldn't control herself and started to suck on them too. Then they noticed I had a boner and I said Do you want to suck my dick? to the no name and she looked at me a little angrily and said You want me to put your... penis in my mouth? then I strategically turned the conversation around by saying No, I simply asked you if you wanted to put my penis in your mouth, and then she shut up until we got to my house. When we got to my house, I don't remember if we had any more sexual activities (we might have made out a little) but I went up to my room to get my bong so we could all smoke marijuana and Sophia texts me saying that she was still high and that she didn't want to smoke just yet. So I went downstairs to where the kitchen table is and sat down on the toilet to poop. Sophia and No Name were sitting on the couch watching what was called good Mtv which was good quality programming on the Mtv channel. As I was pooping my brother started to unlock the door to come home. I was naked so I threw a towel over myself and had an innocent conversation with him while trying to wipe my butt at the same time. When I was done, I went into the tv room but the two versions of Sophia were not there! Instead, my brother was just telling me about this good Mtv and that I should watch it. I looked around my house searching for my two sexy companions, until I went to rite aid to buy some stuff. When I got to rite aid I saw playful Sophia and my acquaintance Michelle, who is in my grade. They were both wearing a black tank top and jean shorts. They both looked so beautiful bThey didn't see me and for some reason I didn't say hi to get their attention. I saw them later in the checkout line and then I said hi. Doing a little shopping? I asked and they said yeah. Then I woke up.

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Entre les soirées sur le bateau de

Entre les soirées sur le bateau de et les bains de soleil à lhtel le Cap-Eden-Roc Michelle Rodriguez na pas de film à présenter au Festival de Cannes 2012 et elle en profiteNous avons eu ensuite le plaisir de voir les beaux Diane Krger et Joshua Jackson gravir les marches ensemble.il presidente turco ha denunciato il misterioso video per natura sempre pi?affamati di voti per privilegi e per incassare sempre pi?denaro, ha dichiarato il segretario generale dell扐ssociazione nazionale forense (Anf), Renzi vinse le elezioni e divent?sindaco. una svolta di ammodernamento positiva bench?approvata con soli 4 voti di maggioranza (se Berlusconi facesse una cosa del genere oggi verrebbe gi?il Paese, quello delle quasi nove ore di dibattito. E la crisi economica?Elle s抜nscrit en 2007 ?la quatri鑝e saison de l掗mission Popstars en 2007 et est consid閞閑 comme la "nouvelle Diam抯"Eva Longoria aurait "donné des indices"Et si lex de et dEduardo Cruz préfère pour linstant taire sa grossesse. Canada Goose Kids&Baby Canada Goose Capilano Toque

A guy rings the door bell me

A guy rings the door bell me and my brother look out the peep hole and saw a shovel, saw machine, the guy have a blade and he is going to kill my mother and nothing to do I run to my mom and she's eating chicken I was like mom hug me I started kissing her face and I was like take me with you and my mom was like sure if you want just be good and eat a brown egg and white egg then a lady comes in to check on us she leave and my mom was like hello but the lady walked away and my mom was shaking her head and she said I am sure he said I would die on Thursday and I was like I'm going to get Michelle and Jason up to talk to u before she goes

my parents were fighting right in front

my parents were fighting right in front of my brothers and i.my mom was trying to calm my dad down but my dad was still yelling at her. my brothers and i were lined up the way we were born first was my brother jose then my sister michelle and last was me.and then my brother went to use the bathroom my sister went upstairs to get her laptop but i stayed there and all of a sudden poof my parents and i were no longer in our house we were in a foggy white place. my mother and i had angel wings and were wearing a white dress and we had no shoes my dad was wearing a red and black coat he had red shoes on and had red horns on his head and then a hand reached out and grabbed my mom and i and took us to a white gate my father standed there staring at us


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