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My cousin lived out in the middle

My cousin lived out in the middle of nowhere and we were watching her house. She had her spare key put away in this thing you turn and it pops up at the top. We got her spare key to get into the house and someone saw us. I told the person with me in the dream that we needed to put the key in a new location so they couldn’t get it. They came in while we were in there and started to have a party. I had to kick them out and tell them it wasn’t a party barge, it was a home and people lived there. I locked the screen door but it barely locked and could easily be broken into. The door had part of it missing and didn’t have the whole side with the door handle. My son was staying the night with his aunt and I needed to pack his clothes.

Sitting in a room staring at a

Sitting in a room staring at a sign with a black circle painted o. It the circle looks like a black hole . I wake up scared and go back to sleep 2 times and continue the same dram each time as I look at the black circle I see brown eyes appear see no face but from the eyes I believe whoever it is has a smile , it makes me angry and I run at the sign dive full force and go through the wall taking out the sign land in beautiful green grass out in the middle of nowhere sit up look around and there is no house no sign nothing just me in the grass field and I feel great better than I have in several months.wake up and have felt good ever since

I was in a bank, I had

I was in a bank, I had a check in my hand for 347$, I almost was returning a bunch of things to the bank. She Teller was counting seven white cell phones, One was cracked, she said she wouldn't make me pay for it, but she would make my boss pay for it. I turned around and looked and there was a casino attached to the bank.. I turned to her and said, wow that was a good idea to put a bank and casino together she responded by saying she would own one soon too, the lady was very monotone about everything she said. I turned to a child and said that's okay for a days pay, he said yes, do you want to see a picture of my friend, it was a name of someone I didn't like. All of the sudden I was in a new house, I felt uncomfortable, when he pulled out the picture it was of three little blonde children that I didn't know and then all of the sudden I was in the street in the middle of nowhere.

The dream starts out in a little

The dream starts out in a little farm house. It’s in the middle of nowhere. In the living room, we are having a service. The lady who is singing looks like Tessa Greene. She goes into the bathroom for a few minutes, and when she comes out, she doesn’t sing for anyone except the man who is over this retreat center. I thought it was weird. She didn’t look any different, but her actions and everything were different. Taresia Ellis is on the phone with me and says she wants the lady who looks like Sister Greene to sing for her service. I said, “You’ll have to call her to be sure she’s available.” Taresia keeps saying she wants her to sing, and I keep saying she would have to call her to be sure she’s available. I can see Sister Greene at this point, and she doesn’t look like herself. We go outside, and it’s a beautiful day. It’s sunny and warm but not too hot. There is a tree in the side yard. It is a mature tree, so it has some nice shade to it. All of a sudden I see something flying over the house. It’s shooting out arrows. They are shaped like two triangles one inside the other. They are sharp arrows meant to kill. They are after me. I ran on the other side of the tree away from the house. I lay down on the ground in a prostrate position in order to try to fool the drones in to thinking I’m dead. They put down these arrows all in front of me. they almost hit my left hand, but I moved it to quickly. I realized they would know I was alive at that point. I got up and started to run. I went toward the tree, and I saw one coming down from the sky. I was able to step back, so it didn’t hit me. I was thankful the Lord let me see it before it hurt me. I asked the Lord to continue to let me see these things, so they don’t hurt me. I was not afraid, but I was concerned. I went up to the man and asked him, “Why are you trying to kill me?” he just smiled. He was an older man of average build, and he had white hair. I never got an answer from him. I walked away, but I was able to see another arrow come down almost in front of me, so I was able to step back before it hit me.

I was walking down a long dark

I was walking down a long dark road in the middle of nowhere. As I came up to my sister-in-laws little brother, a car drove slowly past us and we hid. We than began to walk down the road and came upon an old house and we went inside. It was a huge party in a tiny little house. I went into the basement and the basement went straight into Hinkle Field House of Butler University during a basketball game. I than began to watch the ball game and then a guy came up and took my dog. I didn't see his face but i chased him back upstairs. He went to the second floor and hid in a room. When I got upstairs i noticed that there were over 50 rooms and I began to check them. After about 30 or so, i opened it and saw my dog, dead. I ran out of the room to find the killer running away. I chased him down and caught him and then I took his knife and was about to stab him and i woke up.

When I was little I had a

When I was little I had a recurring dream that started off at this little water playground in the middle of nowhere and then it started raining and thundering and my family ran to the car and I was falling behind and they drove away without me. Then I was in this parking lot in the middle of the woods all by myself when it got dark and I heard wolves and then I was surrounded by them and I tried to run and then the grpund started cracking and ther was hot lava in them and I ended up stuck on this piece of earth and the wolves were around me trying to jump and get me but falling into the lava. Finally I fell into the lava and woke up.

Driving with boyfriend to a small town

Driving with boyfriend to a small town in the middle of nowhere. We stop for gas and he leaves me there. I don't feel surprised or even really disappointed. I walk around and I have no shoes. Walking in the desert. I come across one snake, and as I try to get around it, I come across more snakes. I slowly crawl around and head back towards the town. I get tired and lay down in the sand. Next thing I know I'm in the hospital and they're trying to figure out what's wrong. They realize I'm awake. I tell them that I was attacked by God, and I want to press charges. They laugh. I have somehow become a male. Then I leave the hospital and walk around town. No one really notices me. I change from male to female, and female to male, a few times. And then I was woken up.


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