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i was at the taylor gang concert

i was at the taylor gang concert and lola monroe was performing. i was the only person in the crowd that new any of her songs so she called me on stage and had me sing some of them with her. after the show we took a bunch of pictures and hung out. when i was ready to leave she took me to this building in milwaukee where crack addicts live she knew a lady that lived there and we went inside the lady's appartment in side the apartment were a bunch of crack addicts geting high. the lady offard me some water from a milk jug and lola monroe told me to rinse the jug off nd drink the water. then my best friend called me and wanted me to meet up with her so i got ready to leave. before i left lola gave me her number and told me to call her when i was ready for her to pick me up. after i met up with my friend i called lola and she picked us up. we hung out with my best friend for a while then we dropped her off. i asked lol to take me home and she invited me to finsh the 2050 tour with her and the rest of taylor gang we went to the airport and got on a plane to st. louis