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I dreamed of my uncle who, is

I dreamed of my uncle who, is deceased. He came home from mining region and took out a bundle of money trying to distribute to relatives. Then i told him: uncle look at the family house; it is time to rebuild it. It was on a Friday and was raining heavily. I am a muslim and I had to go for prayer. I left them. The rain was so heavily falling that it breaks umbrella. When i reached at the mosque, the imam was already delivering the Simon and being that it was raining, no body will stay outside, so we all squeezed into the mosque, standing and listening to the Simon.

Last night, I had a dream and

Last night, I had a dream and I was with two other persons and we were at a place like an office environment not a place I am familiar with. Then a man came to lead us to another place and they called him Prof. Then he took us into this lift and we stood with our head is something fixed a compartment of the lift as part of the lift design took the lift took off and our head turned downward with so much speed and but when we approach the destination our head were up again and our feet back and were pass through an a very big ocean. When we were arriving, we drop like landing from a parashot and prof. walked away and in search for him I met a woman who said I should wait for a room to be free for her to prepare for me to settle but I could not locate the other persons I came with nor prof. although I saw a lot of people at the place either waiting or chatting on their phones and I was there to work for three weeks so I ask the lady whether there wasn’t alternative transport except for only that lift connecting the two places and she said yes. I took over an organisation where some of the staff do not comply to rule and regulation and always undermining authority. I also have pressure to secure a partnership for my work and the institution i have contacted is very slow in concluding the deal

Oh no Jess... Were you sleep walking?

Oh no Jess... Were you sleep walking? Mine is very strange.... You and I decided to have kid and we were living/working in a russian mining industry. You gave birth in the mine when there was a massive fire. Whilst our mining lives were burning down around us I had to perform a c-section. However once I delivered the baby it didn't look like one, more like a pair of blue gloves. Despite our odd looking glove baby I ran out of the flames with it to saftey. Not sure if you made it though...

I was at work and noticed that

I was at work and noticed that I had a hair coming out of my palm on both my left and right hand. After looking at it for a while I started pulling it on both hands and the hair just kept coming out till it was about 10 cm long. Then from my index finger on both hands what i can only describe as a expendable antenna came out of the tips of my finer piercing through the skin. I started to panic and ran to what I thought was the doctors but somehow ended up home. I was with my parent's and Sister and when i tried to show them the Antenna looking thing ( Which by the way was pure white like it was made from bone) had retracted and I had small holes in the tips of my index fingers on both hands. I was examining the hole and held it up to the light and when I did so it looked ad if there were small tentacle looking things trying to reach for the light . When I moved it away from the light they would retract ever so slightly ( these were tiny and again white ) After this the skin on my hand slowly started to part and I was panicking but everyone around me was still and seemed as if what was happening to me was normal. As the skins fell away it exposed what should have been bones and muscle ect... but instead it was like my hands were made of small living white vines is what I would describe them as in the shape of a hand and hat the palm of where I made should have been was what looked like a white blossoming flower... again this appeared to be alive. After staring at my hands for a while what looked like skin started to regrow over the top of them but not in a normal skin colour ... kind of yellowish green colour. This is when the first words were said to me in the dream in which my mum said that this is going to sting. At that I felt that my hands started to tingle but then she said but it will be worse for your head. At that I woke up. I've not been able to really stop thinking about this dream since I had it and its still very clear in my head. Curious to know what this means and any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks

he headed back to his office to

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